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Eastern Airlines Virtual Kicks Off Around the World Tour


Eastern Airlines Virtual is excited to announce that the 2016 version of our Around the World Tour has kicked off. This years tour kicks off from our Corporate Headquarters at Fort Lauderdale-

Hollywood International in Florida and heads south, it then zig zags across the Equator, down through Australia. From Australia it heads to Fiji and from there you turn North and head up the Western edge and around the top of the Ring of Fire and back down through the Continental US and end up right back where you started. In all 28 legs of fun flying to some exotic locales and some well known ones as well.

Eastern Airlnes Virtual offers many benefits including;

- 10 hubs spead across the United States, from traditional Eastern Airlines hubs in Miami and Atlanta to non-traditional Eastern hubs in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Seattle.

- Fleet Hanger with 33 Aircraft ranging from modern aircraft in new liveries to traditional Eastern Airlines birds in the iconic Eastern Hockey Stick livery. Fly the DC-3 to the A380 and 747-8

- Earn Ribbons and Medals flying Tours and Challenges. Our website contains a complete pilot profile page where you can view and keep track of all your awards.

- Ranking system based on Hours flown.

- NO hourly or minimum rank requirements to fly bigger aircraft.

Come see us at and see how, from Fort Lauderdale to Fort Lauderdale and everywhere in between, we’re still “Earning our Wings Everyday”.


Eastern Goes Around the World, Again!

EasternAVEastern Airlines Virtual earlier this year released its Around the World Tour.  We make a new Around the World Tour every year.  This year we have a tour that will allow you to enjoy both cold winters and hot summers.  This tour will test your skills with short runways, high altitude airports and flying to the far reaches of earth.  There are 26 legs to this tour to keep you busy.  It has been a lot of fun.

We also have other tours currently ongoing.  We have a South Pacific Tour which will take you to many of the islands used during World War II.  There is also a Middle Eastern Tour that visits .

The pilots at Eastern love to fly the tours.  When they are not flying tours, we still have over 4000 other routes that can be flown.  With flights for the short haul pilots to the long haul pilots and everything in between, there is something for everybody here at Eastern.

So if you are looking for a virtual airline to fly for, please check us out.  If your new to the hobby or a veteran pilot, we will accept you.  We just ask that you have the dedication to fly frequently.  If you are new to the hobby, we have a very knowledgeable staff that can help you get started.  Eastern also has a dedicated ventrillo server for the pilots to use.

To find out more, please visit and check us out.  Come and see how we earn our wings, everyday.


Eastern Airlines Virtual introduces the 2012 World Tour

Eastern Airlines Virtual introduces the 2012 World Tour. Want to travel the world; see it through the eyes of the Eastern Falcon. Please check out the tour:

Eastern Airlines Virtual has these other fantastic benefits:
-           Heading into our 14th year of continuous operations
-          Over 10 HUBS in the USA and Europe
-          Many great destinations
-          New and classic Continue reading


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