bluWave Airlines Names Johnathan Neilsen COO

Henderson, NV — bluWave Airlines, Inc. is pleased to announce that Johnathon Neilsen of Southern Australia, formerly with Qantas Virtual Airlines until 2011, is now the Chief Operating Officer for the company. As of Monday, Neilsen began overseeing bluWave’s expansion into high revenue destinations, such as the Bay Area, and is soon-to-debut further plans as part of his strategy for 2012.

Expansion plans for 2012, along with Neilsen’s hiring, came ahead of a remarkable first quarter (Q1 2012) that the airline supposedly disclosed to its investors late last month. According to Mike Dovi of Matrix Advisors, the airline’s largest investor, the company increased their overall revenue by 15% compared to quarterly earnings in Q1 2011.

“Johnathon’s expertise in this industry will allow us to explore new avenues of business and will improve the way we currently conduct our operation,” President and CEO Connor Levens said. “He has the insight that can provide us with what we need to offer even more services to our passengers and our pilots.”

While a part of Qantas Virtual’s management team in New South Wales, Australia, Neilsen served the airline as their Vice President of Scheduling. Throughout his career at the company, he was responsible for maintaining the validity of Qantas Virtual’s operation as it compared to the way the airline operated from a realistic sense. Neilsen’s background and experience at his previous place of employment, combined with over 2,500 hours on the VATSIM network, positions him uniquely as bluWave’s latest addition to their staff.

“I’m excited to join bluWave. This is going to be a pivotal year for this airline and I hope my involvement with its expansion can bring a slew of resources to both Connor and the Continue reading


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