Disney Air

Now Boarding! The Happiest Skies on Earth! – Introducing Disney Air


Welcome to Disney Air, the Happiest Skies on Earth! Our commitment to professionalism, the highest quality of service, and satisfaction is unrivaled! Based in sunny Southern California, home of beautiful beaches, great culture, and of course, The Happiest Place ON Earth!

Whether you are a pilot in training, a veteran ATP captain, a flight sim enthusiast, or any combination, Disney Air strives to provide the most comprehensive and exciting experience to provide hours of a quality flight environment that will satisfy everyone!

Disney Air flies the latest equipment available from the small CRJ-900 to the Majestic A380-800.  We have a wide variety of routes available and are added it hundreds daily.  Want us to commission a new airplane? Just ask!

With tours, rewards, contests, and more, your career with Disney Air will be one of the most satisfying experiences available! Come visit us at to become a member of the team!

We thank you for you interest in our airline and do hope to see you in the Happiest Skies On Earth!

Welcome Aboard!


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