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Atlantic Northeast Buys La France

Atlantic Northeast, one of UKs largest VAs has purchased la France French Airlines from Travelfrance Group. The airline will be reduced in size and rebranded to Atlantic Connect. Continue reading


La France Takes Off

La France French Airlines will started its operations 30 March. The initial flight left Paris Charles de Gaulle 06:00 CET.

“This is the first step towards a new era in french aviation,” says Joakim Holmstr√∂m Zenk, CEO la France French Airlines.

La France operates a fleet of 2 Airbus A319 and 2 Boeing 717 to Lisbon, Stockholm, Munich, Vienna and Friedrichshafen.

The website is located at:


La France Orders 737-600, Commences in March

The new French startup VA la France has signed an agreement with Boeing for a purchase of 4 Boeing 737-600W’s. Continue reading


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