Lufthansa Virtual

Lufthansa Virtual Introducing 9 New Destinations

As a part of recently announced expansion plans, Lufthansa Virtual will commence flights to 9 new destinations! We believe that constant improving of our product is a way to go. All routes will be added by 25 February. When finished, Lufthansa Virtual will fully simulate the schedule of real-world Lufthansa.

Ankara will be connected with Munich on 4 daily rotations with Airbus A321. Ankara is the capital of Turkey and the country’s second largest city after Istanbul. The city has a mean elevation of 938 meters (3,077 ft) and as of 2008 the city had a population of 4,500,000. Esenboga International Airport, located in the north-east of the city, is the main airport of Ankara. In 2009, ESB served around 6 million passengers, 4 million of which Continue reading


Lufthansa Virtual Begins Operations

Lufthansa Virtual (or LHVA for short) opened for business today, on 1st February with just one goal: to be the biggest airline on SimMiles. LHVA partly accomplished this already as it is the biggest airline on SimMiles network in the following categories:

  • Number of routes
  • Number of flights (around 3500)
  • Number of aircraft in fleet (around 150)

LHVA is setting new standards for virtual airlines on SimMiles to follow by implementing “Destination of the Month”, “Pilot of the Month” and many more innovations rarely seen on SimMiles. LHVA will have a great forum community on which pilots will be able to share their Continue reading


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