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Eurobelgian Airlines and Fly Ocean Airline Announce Merger

On the first view, one appears to be a solid number. But have a second view and you will face infinite opportunities. This is the spirit of Europe´s latest virtual airline group. This is the spirit of belOcean.

From February 1st, Eurobelgian Airlines and fly Ocean Airline, two of Europe´s leading virtual airlines, will become one. Challenging traditional thinking and braking apperently solid boundaries is today´s only possibility to grow.

At belOcean, we share this way of thinking and aim to establish new standards. We continuously strive to be a driving force and believe in new opportunities. It is our dream to offer an entirely new experience to pilots and promise to implement our dream in everything we do.

Sharing is a key element of our new way of thinking and enables us new possibilities. As recognized brands, Eurobelgian Airlines and fly Ocean Airline will stay completely independent but share common flight operations and a single management. Still independent operating, we have the chance to use the individual advantages of each airline but work together, where strength is needed and where synergies lead to added value.

By establishing a comprehensive network across Europe, we enable pilots to experience a different perspective and connect the metropolises of Europe with the world. From our major hubs in Continue reading


Caal Airways and Channel Express Merge

We are pleased to announce that Caal Airways has merged with Channel Express.  Both airlines will be keeping their own idenity but it will give our pilots more of a choice of what to fly.  Pilots can have a Caal ID or a Channel Express ID.  More information will follow when final plans are put together.

Alan Cooke CEO Caal Airways
Brian Mason CEO Channel Express


ATA is Now Air Tran

ATA Virtual Airlines has been ordered to cease operations, but will continue from its recent merger with Air Tran.
A bit confusing but is Air Tran only.
Air Tran is hoping to find another merger to increase its fleet size and production asap.
They are also looking for Hub managers and new pilots.
They’re current fleet consist of B737-700, B717-200, CRJ 700.
If interested contact Air Tran Virtual CEO


ATA Virtual Airlines Announces Merger with AirTran

ATA Virtual Airlines as taken their long haul flights out of service (L1011, DC-10) and have concentrated on medium to short range flights.  In addition ATA has merged with AirTran Virtual Airways, which has added 3 new aircraft to the fleet (737-700, 717-200, and the CRJ 700).  This has also added 2 new hubs Atlanta and Milwaukee, as well as a secondary hub in Orlando.

ATA is still looking for Hub managers in Dallas/FT. Worth, Atlanta, and Milwaukee.

Go Easy, Go ATA Continue reading


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