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Construction begins on the new ValuJet Terminal at Palm Beach International

Palm Beach, FL - Palm Beach County Officials* have announced that construction will begin on a new terminal for PBI-based airline ValuJet.  The ultra low cost carrier has been providing southern Florida with daily non-stop service to destinations from Miami to Providence with expected service to cities extending as far as Las Vegas, starting this spring.

“With the expansion of inter-Florida and international routes, ValuJet must expand fleet size”, claims ValuJet CEO Mike Crane.

The new terminal will offer two new concourses, one for daily mainline domestic routes and another for Inter-Florida turboprop and International DC-9 service.  The new ValuJet rotunda-style terminal should be completed by early spring.  ValuJet is proposing a new parking structure, hangar, and ops building be completed by mid-spring.

ValuJet COO, Brandon Reeves is the project leader, Continue reading


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