Operation Red Flag


Red Flag, the largest military aerial training event in America. The call to attend is heard by numerous air forces throughout the world. Pilots’ mettle is tested on a daily basis as they train and fight with their brothers and sisters in arms from across the world.

We’re looking for skilled pilots to join up with the Virtual United States Air Force for our Red Flag exercise. By enlisting now, you can potentially complete the program just in time for Red Flag Nellis, one of the biggest events on VATSIM!

Our training program through our Air Education and Training Command will ensure that you learn the basics of your airframe before you move on to SUPT, Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training, where you’ll learn how to fly in formation, to fly complicated approaches, and to maneuver your airframe in a way that puts you a step above the rank-and-file pilots of the airlines!

From SUPT, your final training phase is Mission Qualification Training (MQT). In this phase, most airframes will work directly with an Instructor Pilot in a one-on-one setting that will iron out your skills and instincts to make you a formidable force for air superiority.

After you have proven yourself, you will be one of the elite pilots who are eligible to participate in Operation Red Flag. In an arena as large as Switzerland, operations will be conducted in the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) where your piloting skills will be tested against Continue reading


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