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SnapJet Airlines End of 2010 Announcements

San Jose CA (AP) – SnapJet Airlines (SJA) executives held their first press conference since the summer today in San Jose announcing several new things at SnapJet. Chief Executive Officer Ryan Parry was excited to announce the success of the recently started service to Hawaii featuring their three used Boeing 757 jets, calling it “a gamble that is paying off”. He went on to acknowledge SnapJets entrance into the Global One Alliance which took place in October.

SnapJet Airlines has reached agreements with Airbus to purchase ten Airbus A321 aircraft that will be powered by IAE V2500 engines just like their A319 and A320. “The A321 will offer us a chance to fly more passengers on high density routes, as well as open up vacation destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean. Our pilots are already checked out on the Airbus A319 and Continue reading


SnapJet Airlines Places Order for 11 ERJs

SnapJet Airlines (SJA) has ordered 11 Embraer regional jets for use by its new QuickSnap subsidiary.

Embraer said in a statement that the deal comprises six Embraer 170s and five 190s on firm order, plus options for three more 190s.

The first 76-seat 170 is due for delivery in the later half of the 2010 summer. Deliveries of the larger, 98-seat 190s will start later in the fall, says Embraer.

SnapJet had been evaluating replacements for some time for its A319s that are operated on shorter low density routes. The new Embraer aircraft will be operated out of San Jose and Las Vegas.

As part of the agreement SnapJet has also signed a support agreement covering inventory control for parts for the aircraft over the next decade.

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