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Texas Airways Announces New Routes

This week Texas Airways is please to announce three new routes and the in service debut of the Boeing 737-900ER. Flights to Omaha and St. Louis have been posted allowing those who want to clock longer flights that opportunity. Additionally our first excursion flight to Colorado Springs with the 737-900ER has also been posted. Our Project OpenSky Boeing 737-900ER features updated and correct -900ER textures with the Type II door in the aft fuselage. This aircraft will continue in Special Service with the airline for the future, including over Spring Break (Austin to Corpus Christi) and later in the summer of 2013 direct non-stop flights to the Bahamas. We have also enjoyed a 100% increase in our roster totals, which is an indication that Texas Airways is on it’s way to becoming a rising star in the virtual airline hobby.


Announcing Texas Airways

Just a few weeks after securing a high profile domain name for his newest virtual airline venture, Air Fresno CEO Peter McKay launched Texas Airways on November 19th. The airline is based out of Austin-Bergstrom Airport, the population center of Texas and a major political and educational hub. “In looking at Austin we saw there was insufficient¬† non-stop service within Texas and the mid-west is not well served either.” Flights from Austin to Corpus Christi, Amarillo, Abilene, San Antonio, Midland and Wichita Falls were created to serve Texan’s needs, and flights to Texarkana, Baton Rouge and Oklahoma City were also included in the launch profile. “In a few weeks we will be extending out non-stop and same-plane direct service through the mid-west”. The airline will engaged in full revenue service beginning December 1st.

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