UASO Constellation Program Set to Establish First Communications and Tracking System

UASO Headquarters – Norfolk, VA- It was released today that the United Aeronautics and Spaceflight Organization has begin designing the first virtual communications, tracking, and global positioning satellite system. This multi-purpose satellite system will be utilized to help the UASO with short and long range space missions for years to come. Continue reading


UASO Endeavour Program Planning Hits Roadbumps

(Norfolk, VA) – It was announced today in a press conference at UASO Headquarters that the much anticipated Endeavour Program is falling behind schedule. Final planning of the Endeavour program was to be completed by no later than October 1st. Planning has been set back due to a change in launch vehicle design. The primary manned launch vehicle design called for the use of the 2-manned Gemini space capsule, but due to changing mission requirements and the organization’s focus on full lunar orbital and landing missions in the future, a decision was made to utilize the Apollo Command/Service Module (CSM), which supports extended duration missions. Continue reading


UASO Starts Push To Change Virtual Spaceflight

(Norfolk, VA) From the beginning of time, humans have always had a fascination with the stars and universe. Fueled by man’s natural curiosity and creativity, we have found ways of exploring the stars, exploring the unknown, and dreaming about ways of exploring the universe. Today, that fascination continues, and is often sparked by advances in science and technology, however, most of us aren’t as fortunate to be able to experience what it is like to travel into the vastness of outer space, and that desire and fascination with the stars and the universe and in the science behind it all fades and is overshadowed by other things. Little do people know that there are avenues available to them that will allow them to experience what it is like to be able to travel into outer space, study the stars, learn more about the scientific and mathematical concepts behind astronomy, space exploration, and space flight. Today, a new avenue has been opened to the world through the United Aeronautics and Spaceflight Organization (UASO), the first organization designed to re-spark the interest in people of all ages in astronomy and space exploration. Continue reading


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