UASO Launch Schedule To Be Released – Full Schedule Through February 2012

Norfolk, VA- Today, the UASO Spaceflight Operations Department released to top UASO Administrators the current launch schedule pertaining to both the Constellation and Endeavour spaceflight programs.  This launch schedule is complete through February of 2012 and encompasses 26 unmanned spaceflight missions to complete the Constellation satellite program as well as four unmanned test launches and one manned mission utilizing the Saturn C-3a launch vehicle which will be used for manned missions to the moon.

The current launch schedule is subject to change, however, UASO officials are stating that once released to the public, very few changes will be made unless absolutely necessary. Continue reading


UASO Constellation-1 Mission a Success

Cape Canaveral, FL- On Wednesday January 20th, 2010 at 6:04 pm EST, the UASO successfully kicked off its Constellation program with the successful launch of a Titan-34D launch vehicle carrying a Boing BSS 702 satellite.

The launch was streamed live via the UASO website and ustream tv.  The launch went smoothly and flawlessly and resulted in the Centaur-D/C-01 satellite stack being placed into a 152.1 x 220.8 km low earth orbit (LEO) at an altitude of 152 km.

The Guidance Systems Officer reports satellite solar panel deployment occured on Saturday January 23, 2010 at 2:23 am EST. Continue reading


UASO Constellation-1 Launch Date Under Review

Norfolk, Virginia- A redeterminination of the Constellation-1 launch date is currently under review by the Spaceflight Operations Director and Mission Control Operations Director. The redetermination comes after staffing issues were identified. Currently the Titan-34D launch vehicle carrying the Boeing BSS 702 satellite sits atop Launch Complex 40 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) and is slated to launch on Wednesday January 20, 2010 at 6pm EST / 11 pm GMT. A decision will be made by the Mission Control Operations Director Brian Davis on Friday and released to the public.  More information to come on Friday.


UASO TV Now Live and Broadcasting Weekly

Norfolk, VA - Today, the UASO has unveiled the newest addition to its widely growing list of interactive multimedia formats.  UASO TV that only aired during live spaceflight mission events will now be broadcast 24/7 using ustream, a multi-casting program enabling a continuous stream of clips and video’s to be played off-air, and allowing UASO spaceflight missions to be broadcast via streaming realtime video online as the events happen to the second. Continue reading


UASO Constellation-1 Launch and Orbit Information Update

UASO has released additional information on the upcoming Constellation-1 launch.

*This is a supplemental document that shall be used for quick reference in support of the Constellation-1 mission and for public record

Launch Information

Launch Location: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) – Launch Complex 40
Launch Date: Wednesday January 20, 2010
Launch Time: 6:00 pm EST Continue reading


UASO Constellation Satellite Launch Notification

Mission Overview

Constellation-1 is the first mission of the Constellation Program and the second launch of the Titan-34D launch vehicle. This mission will also serve as the first operational test of the complete Titan-34 launch vehicle stack which will include the Centaur-D uppersage that will be used in the future to launch payloads to earth orbit or on lunar and/or interplanetary voyages. For the Constellation program, the Centaur-D will be the upperstage of choice to launch all 27 GPS/Telecommunication satellites into various orbits.

Continue reading


UASO Migrating to New Server

Norfolk, VA- Over the next 24-48 hours, the UASO website will be relocated to a new home server to facilitate the remodeling of the UASO website. This server switch will not affect any aspect of UASO operations, however, during this migration, certain functions of the UASO website may be inactive and/or inoperative. Please bear with us as we work out the kinks of the migration. A notification will be sent out when all of the kinks have been identified and corrected. Continue reading


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