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CHICAGO, Mar. 19, 2013 –Virtual United (vUAL) are pleased to announce the official launch of our customized virtual airline name Virtual United Airlines (vUAL) at As we have recently received permission from United Airlines along with a legal agreement to proceed with the development of vUAL1.0. Virtual United Airlines plans to commence operations on Friday, March 22, 2013.  vUAL will offers its members the most innovative technologies and an enhanced award and recognition system. Each applicant will be required to pass a basic aviation exam prior to admittance to Virtual United Airlines.

vUAL Features and Services:

Customized ACARS Client
Award and Recognition Program (Pilot of the Month, Hub of the Month and much more)
Forum Community (IPS Board)
Professional and State of the Art Website
Professional and Friendly Staff Members
TeamSpeak Server to communicate with members
More additions to come (points system, pilot shop and much more)

Please visit our Promotional Video

Virtual United Airlines has created several departments which Continue reading


Announcing the Launch of!

It is my great pleasure to announce the official launch of!  Several times throughout the year, we will release a free flight simulation magazine for every registered member.  It is free for anyone to join our website and receive this free magazine each time it’s released.  Some of our features are listed below:

Virtual airline List
As well as a free magazine, we also offer a list of virtual airlines. Any member has the ability to add their virtual airline and like or dislike any three virtual airlines at any one time!  You can view our complete list of virtual airlines here.

Teamspeak 3 server
Fs-Magazine provides a free teamspeak 3 server for anyone who wishes to Continue reading


Revel Airways Launching in Winter 2011/2012

Revel Airways
Launching in Winter 2011/2012

Are you ready?

LCC Carrier based in Brussels serving EU.
Aircraft: 737-300. Models: FFX,  Wilco 737 PIC, (Fifty North).
We have plans to codeshare with a major US Virtual Airline.
Painted by Tom Collins:

Want to keep up with the launch of Revel Airways?

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On Route Airlines to Launch New UK Based VA in Summer 2010

OR Air is going to be developing its web site very soon and will be hoping to launch the Brand new UK Base Airline summer 2010. The airline has on order 4x A319-100 IAE, 4x A321-200 IAE, 4 A330-200 & 2x 767-200. The aircraft will be operating both short, mid and long haul routes from its main HUBs Manchester & Liverpool (A319 & A321 only).

We are currently on the look out for staff to join the team and get the airline of the ground. The current roles available are:  Continue reading


UASO Constellation Satellite Launch Notification

Mission Overview

Constellation-1 is the first mission of the Constellation Program and the second launch of the Titan-34D launch vehicle. This mission will also serve as the first operational test of the complete Titan-34 launch vehicle stack which will include the Centaur-D uppersage that will be used in the future to launch payloads to earth orbit or on lunar and/or interplanetary voyages. For the Constellation program, the Centaur-D will be the upperstage of choice to launch all 27 GPS/Telecommunication satellites into various orbits.

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LAUSA AIR City Flyer Division launches European Hub at London City Airport EGLC

City Flyer is the entry point into LAUSA AIR and requires all pilots who join LAUSA AIR to spend the first 50 hours of their virtual career on regional hops between cities. After 25 our pilots are eligible for promotion to First Officer and transfer from the Dash 8 onto the CRJ 700. Pilots are only allowed to fly routes from KMCO which is the hub for City Flyer. With the launch of London City, City Flyer will be flying to all major European cities and City Flyers’ CEO Anthony Tester is currently negotiating code sharing terms for City Flyer Europe with LAUSA AIR’s European alliance partner FLOCK AIR. Continue reading


Skybus Launch is a Success Says CEO

Opening day for SkyBus was a success. Yesterday morning at approximately 9:00am Skybus plane SX522 pushed from its gate bound for Richmond Va. Continue reading


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