LAUSA AIR City Flyer Division launches European Hub at London City Airport EGLC

City Flyer is the entry point into LAUSA AIR and requires all pilots who join LAUSA AIR to spend the first 50 hours of their virtual career on regional hops between cities. After 25 our pilots are eligible for promotion to First Officer and transfer from the Dash 8 onto the CRJ 700. Pilots are only allowed to fly routes from KMCO which is the hub for City Flyer. With the launch of London City, City Flyer will be flying to all major European cities and City Flyers’ CEO Anthony Tester is currently negotiating code sharing terms for City Flyer Europe with LAUSA AIR’s European alliance partner FLOCK AIR.President of LAUSA, Daniel Harvey recently appointed Anthony Tester as CEO of CITY FLYER to oversee the induction and pilot training for all City Flyer Aircrew. Anthony is a real world pilot operating the Dash 8 for Austrian Airlines and is based in Vienna.

This restructure has benefited LAUSA AIR/City Flyer as a whole with pilot retention currently at 90%. Pilots join LAUSA Air as fully trained pilots able to fly IFR and read instrument approach charts in a competent and professional manner expected of all LAUSA AIR pilots.

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