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With the continue success of LAUSA Air Virtual Airlines, they are once making a change to benefit their pilots. A restructure of their pilot pay program is being revised effective August 1, 2012. CEO Mike Preimesbeger made the announcement today at a press conference. Preimesberger stated, ” After a review our successful pilot pay program that was initiated early this year, we have seen a massive spike in flights and hours being perform by our pilots, and there should be change in the program to benefit those hard fliers”. “The program works for itself, real money is attention getter for the trained eye.”

LAUSA Air’s pilot pay program started back in April when financial support was provided by LAUSA Air’s proud sponsors. Ask why the change was necessary he told us. ” The Pilot Pay program was a research module that was being tested with the airline. We wanted to see what kind of response that we could get out of our pilots. We were at a point within the airline where we were sitting on a plateau with hours and flights, which put us at a standstill in the power rankings of the VA Financials flight system. The response that we wanted to see was right on with our plan. At the current time we have a 75% positive change in our total revenue and we jumped upward in the power rankings. We still have a long way to go to where we as an airline want to be at, but we are now going in the right direction”.  The new change to the program will now include all pilots that fly for the month, even if you have .5 hrs or 100+ hrs for the month. All pilots will be paid $.10 USD per hour flown within the month”. A dime per hour is sufficient for all of us as pilots and the organization.

This will keep us on budget without taking away from other parts of Continue reading


LAUSA AIR Lets Pilots Earn Real Cold Hard Cash

LAUSA Air has been the premier virtual airline since 2007 when it was first founded.  With Hubs on North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East providing more than 1,300 flights, LAUSA Air is to provide every pilot with a professional organized atmosphere in this tight knit community.  Our largest reward to our pilots for their dedication is providing them a chance to earn some real COLD HARD CASH.  The top pilots in hours and flights flown will be given a monetary reward at the end of the month, which no other virtual airline does in the world.  LAUSA is run by “real –life” pilots and Air Traffic Controllers in order for pilots to get an “as real as you can get” experience.  As one of the most profitable top ranking airlines we think that you will be challenged at any level with on line special events including short shuttle express hops, charters to exquisite destinations, fly-ins, and our very own air show.  So, whether you are a new virtual pilot or a master virtual aviator, LAUSA Air is here to provide you with the ultimate gaming experience. Join us at and like us on Facebook

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LAUSA Air pilots: LAUSA Air sponsor Air Medical Group has offered $50 to pilot pay as an Aeromed challenge.

The pilot with the most verified Aeromed hours [Aeromed 80-95] wins £25.

The pilot with the most verified Aeromed flights [Aeromed 80-95] wins £25.

Ops from KMCO to EGKB – Pilots must complete full mission sets and return the aircraft back to base to qualifty.. ;)

Operations Manager

Letter from Air Escort Medical Flight CEO to LAUSA Air pilots:

Dear LAUSA AIR Pilots,

My name is Joe Gonzales, CEO of Air Escort Medical Flight. My company provides worldwide medical flight and medical escort services to patients requiring medical attention during flight. This month we celebrate Continue reading


LAUSA Air Pilot Pay

Innovate or vacate. That seems to be the creed of the modern airline industry and its virtual counterpart. Better products come from better ideas, and the company with the better ideas, thrives.

Recently, Lausa Air has jump started a groundbreaking (daresay, revolutionary) initiative designed to reward its virtual pilots, not with virtual paychecks and virtual swag, but with cold, hard cash… through PayPal.  This is “a pilot incentive program with real-live sponsors for its virtual pilots,” said a Lausa Air representative, “and with this new program, we can show our pilots how much we appreciate their dedication and loyalty to Lausa, and the Lausa Air Brand.”

Long-time Lausa supporter, Air Medical Group ( has again stepped up to be a part of the landmark proposal. “We would not be in a position to offer our pilots such substantial returns were it not for Joe Gonzales, the Air Medical Group, and their continued support,” the representative continued, “nor would we want to be. They have been with us from the beginning, and we are proud to be partnered with such an innovative and dedicated organization that helps so many all around the world.”

Using VAFS to track pilot activity, the pilot reward system acknowledges the aviators with the highest hours per month, and also the aviator with the most number of segments flown. Because Lausa Air has routes ranging from 50 nm to those in excess of 8,000 nm, ideally, no single pilot would be able to have both the highest hours and most flights in any given month. With this hierarchy, the regional pilots of Lausa Air’s City Flyer have a chance to be Continue reading


Lausa Air Negotiates Contract in Support of F1GP Season 2012

Lausa Air, virtual airline for London Aviators USA (, has entered into a sponsorship agreement with Formula One World Championship Ltd. to offer logistic support for the series’ “flyaway” races. Working in conjunction with current Formula One Logistic Partner, DHL, Lausa Air will provide motorsport’s preeminent racing series the opportunity to return home between away races; something that was not always possible prior to the agreement.

Chartered by Formula One Management (FOM), flights will depart from London (EGKK) and Munich (EDDM) in support of various teams using their specially designed cargo crates which use all available space onboard the aircraft. Lausa Air’s new Boeing 747-8F will offer more capacity at less cost-per-mile than current transport options, although DHL will continue to provide the primary transport for the series.

The start of the 2012 F1 season in Melbourne, Australia will showcase the range and payload of the new 747-8F and Lausa Air will be on stand-by to provide both the governing body as well as the race teams with charter service to and from the various international racetracks.


Formula One World Championship Ltd. (

London Aviators USA (


Lausa Air Signs New North American MRO Agreements

While the majority of the Lausa Air fleet service is provided by Direct Maintenance ( based out of Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM), there are certain aircraft the airline flies that would best be serviced closer to the regions they serve. These aircraft include Beechcraft B1900D and King Air 350, and Boeing 737-800 and 737-900s assigned to North America under Lausa Air and Lausa City Flyer designations. All other aircraft service, including that for Lausa Air’s new Boeing 747-8F, will be conducted by Direct Maintenance per prior contract agreements.

Lausa Air, virtual airline for London Aviators USA (, has issued a memorandum of understanding with Hawker Beechcraft Services (HBS) for a long-term service contract for Lausa Air’s fleet of Beechcraft B1900D and King Air 350 aircraft. With the close-proximity of HBS’ recently expanded Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport facility (KIWA) to Lausa Air’s Metro Oakland hub (KOAK), HBS was the obvious choice for Lausa Air which flies its B1900Ds under the LAUSA City Flyer banner, and King Air 350s under part 135 operations.

HBS has 10 service centers located across the U.S., Mexico and the United Kingdom offering world-class service and professional aircraft maintenance and repair. Because the service centers are factory owned, they offer access to its knowledge base of factory expertise and engineering data. For more information, visit

For Lausa Air’s North American-based Boeing 737-800 and -900 aircraft, they are looking to North State Aviation who recently announced they will be converting the old Piedmont and Pace Airline facility at Smith Reynolds Airport in Continue reading


Emergency Air Medical Flights – LAUSA Air Aeromed

LAUSA AIR AEROMED DIVISION is recruiting new pilots to operate virtual emergency air medical flights within USA & Europe. This job requires a special breed of virtual pilot, lifesaving will be part of everyday flying for you.  Applicant pilots will be required to hold a virtual CPL (IR) , have at least 50 hours on type and hold a current and valid type rating for the Learjet 45. Expect to go anywhere any time ;)

Since April 2010, Lausa Air has been operating virtual Aeromedical flight on behalf of our sponsor Air Medical Group

Utilizing the Bell 412, Learjet 45 and the Beech 1900D for fixed wing operations, these particular aircraft are recognized world-wide as high performance platforms in the Aeromed and Search & Rescue roles. Using call-sign ” Lifeguard ” on emergency medical flights, LAUSA AIR Aeromed operates emergency medical fight from San Francisco Intl [KSFO] and Biggin Hill [EGKB] UK.



G-EVAC – LEAR Continue reading


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