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LAUSA Air Looking For Aircraft Painter

As the London 2012 Olympics approaches Lausa Air is looking for a high quality aircraft painter. We will pay $25 per aircraft.

Please respond to


LAUSA AIR January 2012 Press Release

It’s been a while since LAUSA AIR has made a press release.  Project Blackbird has been the focus for the last 9 months and is now running as a UK Air Cadet endorsed project teaching Cadets as well as LAUSA AIR Pilots a structured Virtual PPL syllabus online including ground school all within the shared environment on the LAUSA FSX SERVER..   Interested?  More on that later.

With the launch of VAFS 5 and the fact that LAUSA AIR prides itself on originality and is definitely not an imitation VA. Real routes real pilot, always somebody to help you on your virtual journey. A true Anglo-American operation we offer every level of pilot that challenge as well as a friendly TS server and training from true aviation professionals.



Oakland was LAUSA AIRS first hub of operation and has remained an admin and training HUB for LA ever since.  Oakland return in 2012 and has been re-established as LAUSA Air 7 CITY FLYER HQ effective from Feb 2012. All pilots joining LA will be assigned to Oakland, type rated on the Beech 1900D. Qualification on type to CRJ 700 comes after 25hours on the turbo props. Oakland operates regional flights in the states of California, Oregon, Nevada and Continue reading



LAUSA Air has entered into a new dimension of helicopter operations. With the introduction of the Bell 412 & 430 into the fleet, LAUSA AIR now has a capability to respond to emergency medical incidents within the Chicago O’Hare and Orlando area. Working on behalf of LAUSA sponsor Air Medical Group, the aircraft have been assigned 3 leg routes under 100 miles. Pilot flying helimed operations will first be checkout by LAUSA’s helicopter flight instructors before certification to fly heli’s is granted.  We hope to see a steady flow of helicopter pilots joining the operation over the next few month….

Helicopter testimonial from an LAUSA member:

I have been addicted to Microsoft Flight Sim since the first one back in the late 80′s. Those of you who are old enough might remember the checkerd grid with the river that divided the flying area in half with 2 dimensional mountains on 2 sides. Continue reading


LAUSA AIR Regional Service City Flyer Introduces the ATR 72-50 into Fleet

LAUSA AIR’s Executive Chairman Daniel Harvey has today official announced a lease to buy deal with Indian operator King Fisher for (5) ATR 72-500 aircraft.  This deal has been negotiated to include code sharing agreement with King Fisher as LAUSA AIR’s City Flyer division expands into Middle East & Asia following the best performance this Division has seen in months.  The first of the five is currently in the Australians hangars of Stormy Design, contracted to LAUSA for all the companies’ aircraft designs. Continue reading


LAUSA AIR Repaints Entire FLEET

The LAUSA AIR management continues to invest and develop the pilots in the airline and have recently spent money to have their whole fleet repainted by Joel Cooper of Stormy Designs .

LAUSA AIR has received delivery to its main Oakland Metro hub of newly repainted Dash 8 and the CRJ 7.  They expect delivery of their repainted 737-800 this week.  The agreed delivery schedule is a weekly delivery on each Friday.  The current delivery schedule sees delivery in two weeks of the 747,400 followed by 747F, MD-11, MD-11F, A330-300, A340-600 and finally the A319 which will be introduced to the LAUSA AIR fleet in October 2009. Continue reading


LAUSA AIR City Flyer Division launches European Hub at London City Airport EGLC

City Flyer is the entry point into LAUSA AIR and requires all pilots who join LAUSA AIR to spend the first 50 hours of their virtual career on regional hops between cities. After 25 our pilots are eligible for promotion to First Officer and transfer from the Dash 8 onto the CRJ 700. Pilots are only allowed to fly routes from KMCO which is the hub for City Flyer. With the launch of London City, City Flyer will be flying to all major European cities and City Flyers’ CEO Anthony Tester is currently negotiating code sharing terms for City Flyer Europe with LAUSA AIR’s European alliance partner FLOCK AIR. Continue reading


City Flyer Launches Lausa Air Regional Service

Following a major reorganization of its main division, London Aviators USA’s virtual airline, Lausa Air, announced the establishment of a regional feeder service intended to supplement its domestic and international long-haul service. From its Orlando, Florida hub, and utilizing the DeHavilland Dash-8 and Canadair CRJ-700 aircraft, City Flyer is now the entry point for new pilots to integrate into the existing Lausa Air system. After completing 20 hours with City Flyer, pilots will have the option to transfer into Lausa Air but City Flyer management hopes some pilots will want to remain with the regional operation. Newly appointed City Flyer C.E.O. Chris Hattaway will run the new division. Interested pilots should check out Lausa Air’s website at: for more information.


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