With the continue success of LAUSA Air Virtual Airlines, they are once making a change to benefit their pilots. A restructure of their pilot pay program is being revised effective August 1, 2012. CEO Mike Preimesbeger made the announcement today at a press conference. Preimesberger stated, ” After a review our successful pilot pay program that was initiated early this year, we have seen a massive spike in flights and hours being perform by our pilots, and there should be change in the program to benefit those hard fliers”. “The program works for itself, real money is attention getter for the trained eye.”

LAUSA Air’s pilot pay program started back in April when financial support was provided by LAUSA Air’s proud sponsors. Ask why the change was necessary he told us. ” The Pilot Pay program was a research module that was being tested with the airline. We wanted to see what kind of response that we could get out of our pilots. We were at a point within the airline where we were sitting on a plateau with hours and flights, which put us at a standstill in the power rankings of the VA Financials flight system. The response that we wanted to see was right on with our plan. At the current time we have a 75% positive change in our total revenue and we jumped upward in the power rankings. We still have a long way to go to where we as an airline want to be at, but we are now going in the right direction”.  The new change to the program will now include all pilots that fly for the month, even if you have .5 hrs or 100+ hrs for the month. All pilots will be paid $.10 USD per hour flown within the month”. A dime per hour is sufficient for all of us as pilots and the organization.

This will keep us on budget without taking away from other parts of the airline”.  “There will be an increase of pay as more sponsor-ships are secured and financial endorsements are confirmed”, Preimesberger said. He continue to say ” our goal is to at least have it up to a quarter an hour by the end of the year. We have currently accepted verbal agreements with real-world aviation groups for sponsorship to our program, and are waiting for the financial side of the house to be put into place”. The figures speak for themselves, after a review of financials records obtain from VA Financials website, in March the Airline was in the 25 spot and flights were at all time low of 125. Currently LAUSA Air is at the 17th place in the power rankings and by the end of the month they will have well over 500 flights and close to 2000 hrs at this pace. It goes to show you that money does talk in both the real and virtual world.

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