Flock-Air’s Erwin Promoted to Vice President of Regional Division

It is my pleasure to announce that FOA-998 Erwin from Austria, has been promoted to the Flock-Air Management and will start his new role as Vice President for our FOA Regional Division which will involve redesigning this area of Flock Air. With Erwins great interest in helping out, combined with his fantastic knowledge regarding aviation, weather, meteorology and many other fields, his experience and motivation was always clear after joining and climbing up the ranks quickly from Junior Pilot to Captain.

Now his targets for the upcoming months are clear, FOA Regional should once again become as important and established as our FOA Executive division, Historic division or Helicopter division. It goes without saying that our Pax and Cargo Division are a great base too and have been incredibly managed since the companies start, which have established great features in our Group, and now a third special division needs to become a focus and so Erwin will take the challenge and develop main strategies for this Fleet, and bring it under a new brand that offers great adventures for our Crew Members under the umbrella of FOA.

Lets welcome him on our FOA Board and I personally wish him all the best in his new field of operation, and i look forward to seeing exciting news and activities regarding the FOA Regional division on our website.

Many thanks for your attention and happy flying

Phil W.
CEO Flock-Air


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