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Flock-Air’s Erwin Promoted to Vice President of Regional Division

It is my pleasure to announce that FOA-998 Erwin from Austria, has been promoted to the Flock-Air Management and will start his new role as Vice President for our FOA Regional Division which will involve redesigning this area of Flock Air. With Erwins great interest in helping out, combined with his fantastic knowledge regarding aviation, weather, meteorology and many other fields, his experience and motivation was always clear after joining and climbing up the ranks quickly from Junior Pilot to Captain.

Now his targets for the upcoming months are clear, FOA Regional should once again become as important and established as our FOA Executive division, Historic division or Helicopter division. It goes without saying that our Pax and Cargo Division are a great base too and have been incredibly managed since the companies start, which have established great features in our Group, and now a third special division needs to become a focus and so Erwin will take the challenge and develop main strategies for this Fleet, and bring it under a new brand that offers great adventures for our Crew Members under the umbrella of FOA.

Lets welcome him on our FOA Board and I personally wish him all the best in his new field of operation, and i look forward to seeing exciting news and activities regarding the FOA Regional division on our website.

Many thanks for your attention and happy flying

Phil W.
CEO Flock-Air


Flock-Air Celebrates 4th Birthday – “Lets Flock home!”

In few weeks on the 10th of May 2012 Flock-Air turns 4 years in Operation. That’s a magic big date for our Crew, that almost
flew daily the last years hours long for us our clients and partners.

We want to celebrate this Event in the way that Ive informed my Vice-presidents and Pilots, that Id like to see our whole fleet @LOWW Vienna, Austria our Homeairport.

This sounds maybe not that challenging, but if you think of the big range and numbers of Aircrafts our fleets got due to our expansion we had in the last years, it gets easily a very tricky adventure.

We have currently have 170 Aircrafts owned, based all over the world organized in the following Fleets:

  • FlightSchool
  • PAX Division
  • Cargo Division
  • Executive Division
  • Helicopter Division
  • Regional Division
  • Oldtimer/Props Division

and so you might see that it could be tricky to get our 12 Helis from Ireland or our 16 Continue reading


Flock-Air Certified VATSIM Airline VACC Cooperationship Started

“Flock-Air became certified VATSIM Airline!

The slogan of our new partner VA Flock-Air – be there with FLOCK-AIR.  Founded in 2008 with their Homebase in Vienna

For more informations visit or

Welcome as our new partner VA of the VACC-Austria !”

This was the announcement of the Austrian Chamber of VATSIM, Flock-Air is operating mainly on the Vatsim Network and offers via its E-Learning Center Pilot Training and cooperates from now on strong with VACC.

The 4 year old Austrian Airline connects all Austrian Airports, as main destinations in Europe, but also is offering international destinations to the biggest Airports worldwide.

With no votes against this decision accepted VACC Flock-Air is their new Continue reading


Flock-Airs Reactivate​s Concorde

Dear Flocksters,
A lot of people requested and are totally hot and cant wait any second anymore, its officially now Flock-Air has invested in an reactivation program to get the fastest Lady out of museum and back into the skies.  The Management is still testing and preparing the fastest duck of our house and shortly all Pilots get the chance to fly Concorde in regular FOA operations. A lot of Passengers have already bought tickets, so its just a question of few days untill the officially delivery is made. FLOCK as you have never FLOCKED again!


Flock Air Accelerates for the F1 Championships

Flock Air Executive, the VIP Department of Flock Air, takes over a lucrative contract to provide full charter coverage to the 2010 F1 Championships. Starting with Melbourne, Executive will operate on all of the World Wide Events every week.

For the official F1 Website, log on to or visit Flock-Air at


Flock-Air Cargo Division gets own new Brand

Dear Competitors, Clients, Partners and Passengers,

We are proudly present that our Cargo Business Unit gets its own new Brand,
together with a new slogan that is close to our Passenger Theme (….be
there with Flock-Air…)

We created a complete new FOA Cargo Division Color Design for our Aircrafts, we have currently the B747-400 brought out and so even a little bit more individual and separate but still under the umbrella of the FOA Group our Freight Forwarding Partners can feel the special new motivation of our Air Cargo Unit and so you shortly are going to see a lot of new Aircraft types in our new style Continue reading


Flock Air goes Irish!

From Sunday, 14th of March, VIP division of Flock Air, FOA Executive goes all green to cover upcoming Saint Patrick’s Celebrations in Dublin,Ireland.
With a brand new VIP configured CRJ’s and Lear Jets 45, Executive will operate from a major European Airports to provide a highest quality service for the Green events.

On this special day Executive could not forget about the most irish of the American Cities. Therefore a special connection with Boston is fully available for their demanding clients

To find out more about Saint Patrick’s festival go to


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