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Flock-Air Certified VATSIM Airline VACC Cooperationship Started

“Flock-Air became certified VATSIM Airline!

The slogan of our new partner VA Flock-Air – be there with FLOCK-AIR.  Founded in 2008 with their Homebase in Vienna

For more informations visit or

Welcome as our new partner VA of the VACC-Austria !”

This was the announcement of the Austrian Chamber of VATSIM, Flock-Air is operating mainly on the Vatsim Network and offers via its E-Learning Center Pilot Training and cooperates from now on strong with VACC.

The 4 year old Austrian Airline connects all Austrian Airports, as main destinations in Europe, but also is offering international destinations to the biggest Airports worldwide.

With no votes against this decision accepted VACC Flock-Air is their new Partner Airline, known for professional flying and interacting with ATCs in Austria, FOA is in the TOP 5 of all Austrian Airlines and Market Leader via the fsairline Pirep System.

Have a great new year and Happy flying!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards,

Philipp Weninger
CEO Flock-Air
Austria, Vienna


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