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LibertyAir Starts Cargo Operations

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LibertyAir has started cargo operations using a Boeing 747-400erf flying between JFK and Heathrow.

“This is a major expansion for LibertyAir” CEO Matt Smith said “We have taken delivery of our first 747 and have started our cargo operations between the US and UK, We will be getting another 4 747′s in the coming months and will be putting into service straight away”.

“We are also in discussions with an Airport in Europe about expanding our operations and opening our first European Hub” he continued “There are exciting times ahead for all concerned in LibertyAir”.

Visit LibertyAir online @


Flycatcher Aviation Commences Operations


The skies over Oklahoma will see more commercial airline traffic, as Flycatcher Aviation has started flying charter and on-demand cargo routes throughout the state.  The Oklahoma City-based airline operates a fleet of two aircraft: a Cessna 340A and a Cessna 208 Cargomaster.  Flycatcher has secured a contract flying machine parts from Oklahoma City to the Oklahoma pandhandle using the Cessna 208.  Charter flights for up to five passengers to are able to be scheduled with less than 24 hours of notice.

The airline is a family company – and has a staff of two pilots (who happen to Continue reading


CityLink VA Opens New Hub


Citylink-va has opened a new hub at Liege airport.  Liege airport also known under the name of Bierset, is known for its cargo hub of TNT in real life.

Citylink-va, has decided to open up a cargo hub as well. With, on the moment, only 2 planes.
1 Fokker 60  and 1 BAE 146-300QT.  With the Fokker 60 we connect Hamburg, Leipzig, Frankfurt-Hahn and Basel-Mulhouse to Liege.  The mentioned BAE 146-300QT will be added at a later date.

The Fokker 60, a deritave of the Fokker 50, is in fact the  biggest turbo prop plane Citylink-va has in its portfolio.

Citylink-VA is a specialist in the va-world, for Turbo-props.

Find CityLink VA online @


Announcing Gemini Air Cargo

Miami International Airport – Headquarters Gemini Air Cargo Virtual Airline (GCO)

Gemini Virtual has been flying for only two months now, but we are aggressively pursuing making a name for our-self in the va community.

Ceo Richard Lund has flown for over 6 years  in va’s like Northeastern Virtual, Virgin Blue, Virgin America with Sim Airlines; is a virtual Lcol in virtual Air National Guard, and was a chief pilot for virtual Southwest before retiring to form this va.

Manager of Flight Scheduling and Continue reading


Announcing Lufthansa Cargo Virtual Airlines

Lufthansa Cargo Virtual Airlines is for users of flight simulator X-Plane, FS2004, FSX – we use an ACARS system.  System utilizes booking of flights based on the location and position of the aircraft and pilot.

Lufthansa Cargo Virtual Airlines simulates the transport of real cargo airlines Lufthansa Cargo, which currently has a fleet of McDonnell Douglas MD-11s. The fleet of MD-11 aircraft in the system has more than 3300 schedules under realistic flight plans of Lufthansa Cargo.

Website created by consent and enjoys the support of Lufthansa Cargo.
In 2013, we expect expansion of the fleet to add new Boeing 777F aircraft. We look forward to the new virtual airline pilots Lufthansa Cargo Virtual.

Note: Lufthansa Cargo flight connections are for the long haul pilots, because the connection starts from 1500 nm.

Visit Lufthansa Cargo Virtual Airlines at:


Eastern Ships Over 2.5 Billion Pounds Of Cargo

Since Eastern started using the VAFS system at approximately September of 2008, we have recorded shipping of over 2.5 billion pounds of cargo. Due to the dedication of our pilots and great management team, we routinely achieve these milestones.

Join Eastern as we are going to surpass the one millionth passenger flown. At 966,000+ at the time of this writing, we shall achieve another milestone very soon . We have many aircraft in our hanger and many routes to suite any kind of commercial flying our pilots enjoy. Whether you enjoy cargo flights or PAX flights, we will have a route that will fit the bill.

Visit our web site at and see how we earn our wings, every day!


Golden Ghana Virtual Airlines Expands Cargo Charter Fleet

Effective immediately, a Boeing 777 Freighter and a Boeing 767 Freighter join the cargo fleet of Golden Ghana Virtual Airlines. Both new aircraft can be booked for charter flights all around the world.

This is the current fleet of West Africa’s first VA:

Scheduled passenger flights
2 Boeing 737-800
1 Canadair CRJ-200
1 Dash 8 Q400
1 Beechcraft Baron 55

Charter Cargo Flights
1 Boeing 747-400F
1 Boeing 777-200F
1 Boeing 767 Continue reading


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