CityLink VA Opens New Hub


Citylink-va has opened a new hub at Liege airport.  Liege airport also known under the name of Bierset, is known for its cargo hub of TNT in real life.

Citylink-va, has decided to open up a cargo hub as well. With, on the moment, only 2 planes.
1 Fokker 60  and 1 BAE 146-300QT.  With the Fokker 60 we connect Hamburg, Leipzig, Frankfurt-Hahn and Basel-Mulhouse to Liege.  The mentioned BAE 146-300QT will be added at a later date.

The Fokker 60, a deritave of the Fokker 50, is in fact the  biggest turbo prop plane Citylink-va has in its portfolio.

Citylink-VA is a specialist in the va-world, for Turbo-props.

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