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CityLink Newsletter for Winter 2015 now available

Citylink-Newsletter-Winter-CityLink would like to announce that their news letter for Winter of 2015 is now available via the Citylink Newsstand (shop). They would also like to announce that they’ve added a mobile version of the newsletter for viewing on tablets and cell phones.

It’s also possible to download a real PDF from the main newsletter for printing.

Content of the Winter 2015 Edition:

  1. Introtext of the the President
  2. Staff Continue reading

CityLink VA Announces the Addition of the BAE 146-300QT


It is that time of the year! Sinterklaas is coming. He traditionally arrives in the Netherlands each year in mid-November (the first Saturday after 11 November) by steamboat from Spain. He then parades through the streets on his horse, welcomed by children cheering and singing traditional Sinterklaas songs. His Zwarte Piet assistants throw candy and small, round, gingerbread-like cookies, called either kruidnoten or pepernoten, into the crowd. The event is broadcast live on national television in the Netherlands and Belgium.

After this national arrival, all towns with a dock usually celebrate their own intocht van Sinterklaas (arrival of Sinterklaas). Local arrivals usually take place later on the same Saturday of the national arrival, the next Sunday (the day after he arrives in the Netherlands or Belgium), or one weekend after the national arrival. In places a boat cannot reach, Sinterklaas arrives by train, horse, horse-drawn carriage or even a fire truck.

And this year the pilots of CityLink are going to help out. We have arranged flights to Continue reading


CityLink VA Opens New Hub


Citylink-va has opened a new hub at Liege airport.  Liege airport also known under the name of Bierset, is known for its cargo hub of TNT in real life.

Citylink-va, has decided to open up a cargo hub as well. With, on the moment, only 2 planes.
1 Fokker 60  and 1 BAE 146-300QT.  With the Fokker 60 we connect Hamburg, Leipzig, Frankfurt-Hahn and Basel-Mulhouse to Liege.  The mentioned BAE 146-300QT will be added at a later date.

The Fokker 60, a deritave of the Fokker 50, is in fact the  biggest turbo prop plane Citylink-va has in its portfolio.

Citylink-VA is a specialist in the va-world, for Turbo-props.

Find CityLink VA online @


CityLink VA Expands Fleet

CityLink Virtual Airlines is an airline based in the Netherlands. We have 2 hubs; 1 in Maastricht (EHBK) and 1 in Rotterdam (EHRD). We’re also planning a new hub… Well, let’s get to the point. We have added the Fokker 50 to our fleet, after that we created new routes for it, and now we’re looking for pilots to fly. Of course we have other planes as well. For example, we also use the Cessna 208B, Twinotter (DHC6-400), Pilatus PC12 and the Beech King Air B200. CityLink always has a freeware alternative, which the Dash 8-q300 instead of the Fokker 50.

Check for more information, or check our Twitter account (@CityLinkVA).


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