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Citylink VA is Going to Beatles!

CityLinkYou read it correct. We are going to Beatles. Beatles refer to The Beatles. A very popular pop group in the sixties and seventies. And they came from Liverpool.  In fact is Citylink-va, going to Liverpool.
And by that we mean, we are going to open a new hub in Liverpool.

The grand opening of Liverpool will be executed with the RJ100. The plane that was just introduced in a couple of flights in the South of Spain. Malaga was the first point of starting our new strategy: ”Connecting the dots”. In fact we are connecting our future hubs with the RJ100. Liverpool is our new hub, and following Malaga, in the project “Connecting the dots”.

Liverpool connects to the following dots:
(LEMG) Malaga (+/- 3 hours)
(LFSB) Basel (+/- 1:45 hour)
(ENBR) Bergen (+/- 1:45 hour)

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Happenings Around Citylink VA


A short update on how things are going around in land.

- We have placed our first livery on This is the default livery of the Twin Otter. Hopefully it will bring us newer pilots.

- Summer has arrived. Due to our nearly third anniversary (which will be in September 2015), have we something very special in mind for our pilots.

We call it FreeFlight. What it means is this:
> You can fly your favorite plane from the VA and fly it anywhere in the world.
>Even stronger: if the VA does not have their favorite plane, we will add it in Acars.
>They can fly during 2 months. (July 1st-september 1st) With what they want to where they want.

>Fly around the world in a Twin Otter
>Do Moscow-Kamschatka in a C172
>Do a virtual aid mission from Cologne to Continue reading


Citylink-VA Announces Vintage Group Perks


The staff of CityLink presents to their pilots another fine way to spend your well-earned virtual money.
At first we came up with the rental service, where you can rent a plane and make a flight that’s not registered in the timetable of our company.
Now we have thought of something new. When you reach the rank of Captain, you can sign up with The Vintage Group.
A membership card will cost you 5000 euros the first time and then an annual fee of 500 euro per year for as long as you want to stay member of this group.
The payments will take place at our pilot shop on the website.

What do we offer you for this amount of money?

You will get access to a timetable with vintage Continue reading


CityLink Newsletter for Winter 2015 now available

Citylink-Newsletter-Winter-CityLink would like to announce that their news letter for Winter of 2015 is now available via the Citylink Newsstand (shop). They would also like to announce that they’ve added a mobile version of the newsletter for viewing on tablets and cell phones.

It’s also possible to download a real PDF from the main newsletter for printing.

Content of the Winter 2015 Edition:

  1. Introtext of the the President
  2. Staff Continue reading

Citylink VA Announces PC12 Winter Schedule is Active


The Winter schedule for the PC12 had been activated, and the summer schedule has been de-activated, until march 2015.

New map installed
We have installed a new  map from crazycreatives to show our destinations:


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