Happenings Around Citylink VA


A short update on how things are going around in land.

- We have placed our first livery on This is the default livery of the Twin Otter. Hopefully it will bring us newer pilots.

- Summer has arrived. Due to our nearly third anniversary (which will be in September 2015), have we something very special in mind for our pilots.

We call it FreeFlight. What it means is this:
> You can fly your favorite plane from the VA and fly it anywhere in the world.
>Even stronger: if the VA does not have their favorite plane, we will add it in Acars.
>They can fly during 2 months. (July 1st-september 1st) With what they want to where they want.

>Fly around the world in a Twin Otter
>Do Moscow-Kamschatka in a C172
>Do a virtual aid mission from Cologne to Nepal in a C17
>Anything they can come up with is being accepted.
>This is probably a one time ever event

- Version 1.3 of the Qualitywings BAE 146-300 checklist is available in the shop. The pilots can buy it in the shop order Manuals as a complete package for the BAE 146-300

- Talks are going on that we will move our cargo schedules from Liege to Cologne. We will announce it, when it is due.



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