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St Paul Airlines, the Imaginative Virtual Airline

Besides our three international hubs, Minneapolis / St Paul, Miami and London Heathrow, bringing to our crews thousands of short, medium and long range flights involving both jet and props liners, we are even prouder of our much more significant departments.

As a matter of fact, we also offer to our pilots, those who prefer more adventurous experiences, lots of other opportunities. Whether bush operations in extreme environments, major air raids to discover remote areas, tracking long rivers of the world, playing around the highest peak in the mountain chain of the Himalayas, repeating  the exploits of aviation pioneers by performing famous historic flights, going around the world in small aircrafts or visiting all ports of USA using seaplanes, with St Paul Airlines you may be daily surprised and amazed by the unsuspected wealth and resources within your flight simulator.

Our Special Operations department already contains over 3,500 unique flight plans. And it continues to grow. Regularly new proposed flight are added.

Business jets, postal flights, dedicated freight division, charters, helicopters operations or friendly multi-players sessions are also St Paul Airline’s active departments.

Finally, with St Paul Airlines you will experience a new passion for your flight simulator (FS2004, FSX, PREPARE3D, X-Plane). For the first time you will discover the resources and treasures concealed in these programs which can bring you hundreds hours of flying pleasure. Do not hesitate to join the fun !


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