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Liberty Air Announces Pilot of the Month and Hub of the Month Program


We are pleased to finally introduce “Pilot of the Month” (POM) and “Hub of the Month” (HOM) awards.  These will be awarded at the end of each calendar month.  The first POM and HOM will be awarded for the month of June, 2017 and will be announced on July 1st.

These awards are based on the total number of flights flown for the month.   A Pilot of the Month ribbon will be presented to the respective recipient each month, and a formal announcement will be made in the News section of the Crew Center.  Hub of the Month will be announced in the News section of the Forums..

The inaugural winner of the June Pilot of the Month will also receive their choice of a $25 gift voucher from or


Liberty Air Announces Plans for New Operations Centers at EGSS – London Stansted and KORD -Chicago O’Hare International

LibertyAir2London, UK – In a letter to employees, Liberty Air Virtual Group, Inc. announced plans this week to build new operations centers to oversee the daily flight operations of Liberty Air at London Stansted Airport and Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

“Best long-term solution”

The carrier previously announced plans to relocate its London Gatwick operation center to its facility in Stansted, and relocate its Los Angeles and Miami operation centres to its facility in Chicago. Subsequently, Liberty Air realised it needed more space for the expanded operations centres, which will manage the day-to-day operations of its flight networks including flight dispatching, maintenance delays, load planning for aircraft and rerouting of aircraft when bad weather occurs. “It became apparent that the best long-term solution are new, state-of-the-art facilities that can house all of our executive team members and the technology needed for our daily demands,” the carrier said in the letter.

Operations centres oversee and coordinate all aspects of flight planning, dispatch and monitoring, including managing the weight and balance of each aircraft before departure, tracking flights and adjusting for delays and cancellations.

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LibertyAir Starts Cargo Operations

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LibertyAir has started cargo operations using a Boeing 747-400erf flying between JFK and Heathrow.

“This is a major expansion for LibertyAir” CEO Matt Smith said “We have taken delivery of our first 747 and have started our cargo operations between the US and UK, We will be getting another 4 747′s in the coming months and will be putting into service straight away”.

“We are also in discussions with an Airport in Europe about expanding our operations and opening our first European Hub” he continued “There are exciting times ahead for all concerned in LibertyAir”.

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Announcing Liberty Air

Liberty Air LogoLiberty Air is a virtual airline based in the USA. We strive to conduct ourselves as professional and fun. You can fly short hops to long international flights.

Our Fleet currently consists of:
4 x Boeing 737-600
5 x Boeing 737-700
8 x Boeing 737-800
5 x Boeing 737-900
5 x Boeing 767-300
4 x Boeing 777-200LR
4 x Boeing 777-300ER
2 x Embraer E135

We currently have 5 Hubs in the USA with thoughts of opening a European Hub in the near future.

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