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Announcing Lufthansa Cargo Virtual Airlines

Lufthansa Cargo Virtual Airlines is for users of flight simulator X-Plane, FS2004, FSX – we use an ACARS system.  System utilizes booking of flights based on the location and position of the aircraft and pilot.

Lufthansa Cargo Virtual Airlines simulates the transport of real cargo airlines Lufthansa Cargo, which currently has a fleet of McDonnell Douglas MD-11s. The fleet of MD-11 aircraft in the system has more than 3300 schedules under realistic flight plans of Lufthansa Cargo.

Website created by consent and enjoys the support of Lufthansa Cargo.
In 2013, we expect expansion of the fleet to add new Boeing 777F aircraft. We look forward to the new virtual airline pilots Lufthansa Cargo Virtual.

Note: Lufthansa Cargo flight connections are for the long haul pilots, because the connection starts from 1500 nm.

Visit Lufthansa Cargo Virtual Airlines at:


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