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FLOCK-AIR Announces Free Scenery for LOWW – Their new upcoming homebase

Vienna,Austria- Flock-Air proudly presents the new upcoming Homebase LOWW Vienna, more details shortly on our Website.

Promo video Link:
The new Skylink, is also included as many many detailed Objects and the good thing it will be for free and for anybody.  Its our first Scenery Project we hope you visit Flock-Air on its Homeland shortly! Continue reading


Flock-Air Relaunches Website

Flock-Air proudly anounces that we have just before our 2nd company Birthday in Spring relaunched our Website, its still under development but it provides much more service, a more professional look n feel and helps due to splitted sections for our new members, viewers and people who are interested also in other business Unites the Flock-Air Group provides e.g. Software.

Many thanks and we hope you like the new Home base we have on the Internet now. Continue reading


Flock-Air Opens Two New Hubs At KMIA and EGLL

Vienna, Austria - 2 new HUBS are now going to be flocked by FLOCK-AIR

FLOCK-AIR opens 2 new HUBS just at the END of a very successfully year 2009.
New offices installed in December09 at EGLL Heathrow and KMIA Miami Florida.  The Focus of the Miami HUB with two Senior Members in the local HUB  Management, will be on the US market. The need of a flexible, open minded airline with fair rates and a good service, made it necessary to react fastly on a lot of requests by our customers, also to expand our US based CREW and provide attractive Jobs and Flight destinations made this investment fix. Continue reading


Flock-Air Announces Rebranding

In a letter to the editor of, the CEO of Flock-Air announced plans to rebrand it’s entire fleet.

We would like to inform the press-service, that Flock-Air management has decided to invest in a new fleet design, thats why all aircraft of FOA are going to be repainted.

Within October 2009, the whole fleet including B737,B747,Airbus A330, Boeing 747,CRJ700 are going to be re-branded.  After the main fleet goes into operation in new colors, the airline is going to invest also in aircraft that aren’t used for main operations, so that also the flight school with its props is going to have in one CI Planes in the new 2009 design ready for its junior pilots. Continue reading


Flock-Air buys 380

For weeks the Austrian press and public had been hearing rumors that Flock-Air had in store a big and new surprise. We had reports about tests been made in restricted airspaces at night, so that this remained a secret.
Finally on July 24 of 2009 the CEO of Flock-Air announced that they were the new proud owners of several mangificent Airbus A380′s. In their own Flock-Air colors, now the skies might seem a bit smaller thanks to these giant aircrafts flying around the entire world. According to sources within the company,  management worked real hard, for most than a year, to acquire this state-of-the-art airplane.
Continue reading


Flock Air Opens Twitter Feed

Vienna, Austria based Flock Air is constantly trying out new ideas to reach their audience. Today the airline announced the opening of its Twitter feed.

Continue reading


Flock-Air Co-Founder Flies; New Management Structure Arrives

Flock-Air, unhampered by the recent departure of one of its founding members, is taking the opportunity to begin 2009 with a revised management structure and refreshed organizational outlook. In grand Flock-Air tradition, the new management structure reflects the group’s forward-thinking and innovative mentality as they leave the traditional virtual airline management tree by the wayside. Phillip Weninger has assumed the role of C.E.O. for the airline and will now be overseeing a company consisting of squads, instead of the traditional divisions. Headed not by Vice Presidents, Directors, or Hub Managers, these five newly formed squads will be managed by a pair of appropriately named, Squad Leaders. In this fashion, Flock-Air has created a sub-culture into which their pilots will be inducted, giving pilots the unique opportunity to join a Squad based on its performance, members, and individual squad style. Continue reading


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