Flock-Air Opens Two New Hubs At KMIA and EGLL

Vienna, Austria - 2 new HUBS are now going to be flocked by FLOCK-AIR

FLOCK-AIR opens 2 new HUBS just at the END of a very successfully year 2009.
New offices installed in December09 at EGLL Heathrow and KMIA Miami Florida.  The Focus of the Miami HUB with two Senior Members in the local HUB  Management, will be on the US market. The need of a flexible, open minded airline with fair rates and a good service, made it necessary to react fastly on a lot of requests by our customers, also to expand our US based CREW and provide attractive Jobs and Flight destinations made this investment fix.

Miami is going to provide out of Florida  a large number of domestic flights to all states and main cities, but its also connecting PANC Anchorage HUB with our European Homeland and the just brand new HUB in London Heathrow.  All flying British CREW Members moved easily from Germany and the long time established base in EDDF Frankfurt and are building the british Wing for short European Destinations, but also connecting the Network into the Asian direction.A young good motivated Team builds our base in the United Kingdom and is focusing especially against the large Number of low Coast Carriers with hard rates, special  charter flights and are going to challenge the Competition with brand new aircraft like the Airbus A330, Boeing 767 and builds with an own prop fleet the possibility to not only carry our clients, also the Flight Training and the Flight school is going to make a lot of Operations so in England. All those final preparations in the end of 2009, are part of the Businessplan 2010 that Flock-Air is going to release within the next days.

Merry Christmas to all our Clients and especially to our crew, we are sorry that not everybody can stay with family on the upcoming vacation days, but Job is Job and our Flights need to be done.

Best Regards
Phil W.
Headquarters ,Vienna,Austria


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