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Flock-Air Co-Founder Flies; New Management Structure Arrives

Flock-Air, unhampered by the recent departure of one of its founding members, is taking the opportunity to begin 2009 with a revised management structure and refreshed organizational outlook. In grand Flock-Air tradition, the new management structure reflects the group’s forward-thinking and innovative mentality as they leave the traditional virtual airline management tree by the wayside. Phillip Weninger has assumed the role of C.E.O. for the airline and will now be overseeing a company consisting of squads, instead of the traditional divisions. Headed not by Vice Presidents, Directors, or Hub Managers, these five newly formed squads will be managed by a pair of appropriately named, Squad Leaders. In this fashion, Flock-Air has created a sub-culture into which their pilots will be inducted, giving pilots the unique opportunity to join a Squad based on its performance, members, and individual squad style.

Squad F will be the introductory group from which all pilots will be groomed for their career at Flock-Air. Designated as the Flock-Air Flight School, this squad will incorporate all new pilot training and certification and will be based in Vienna, Austria. After completing their orientation in Sqaud F, the pilots will then be offered the opportunity to join one of the four other professional groups: Squad L, Squad O, Squad C, or Squad K (the five groups together spell: F-L-O-C-K).

Each Squad is invisioned to be a fully autonomic group, operating almost independently of the main organization. Each professional group has two Squad Leaders who will be responsible for that Squad’s pilots, routes, and performance. The four Squads will be based from different cities, and will hold inter-squad competitions with each Squad establishing its own identity and style. This multi-dimensional approach to virtual airline management is unique and will help to differentiate Flock-Air from the growing numbers of competitors.  

The new structure goes live at the start of the new year and interested pilots can find out more information by visiting their website at:


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