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Flock-Air buys 380

For weeks the Austrian press and public had been hearing rumors that Flock-Air had in store a big and new surprise. We had reports about tests been made in restricted airspaces at night, so that this remained a secret.
Finally on July 24 of 2009 the CEO of Flock-Air announced that they were the new proud owners of several mangificent Airbus A380′s. In their own Flock-Air colors, now the skies might seem a bit smaller thanks to these giant aircrafts flying around the entire world. According to sources within the company, ¬†management worked real hard, for most than a year, to acquire this state-of-the-art airplane.

“Since the begining Flock-Air promised a bright and sky-high future and these new A380′s are the prove that Flock-Air is in business and means business, ” Flock Air CEO Phil said.
He added, “This is the biggest purchase Flock-Air has made so far and now we bring the public new and exciting destinations non-stop thanks to this long-range airplane. Management works around the clock, to include this routes into their flight schedule”.


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