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BlueSky VA rebranding

It was announced on the 28th of June that BlueSky Virtual Airways will soon be changing over to become a new airline. The airline is currently undergoing a complete rebranding, including a new name, website, fleet and schedules. The airline will start off by operating from two hubs (Malta and Gibraltar), and will be aimed at the Mediterranean tourist market; transporting passengers from many European airports. 3 McDonnel Douglas MD-82s have been acquired from Alitalia, and these will be used to their full potential across both hubs.

When asked for a statement, the CEO, Chris Roberts, had this to say: “We believe that changes were necessary in the current financial climate. There was a distinct lack of pilots, and this was probably due to the current oversaturation in the UK virtual airline market. Because of this, we decided that a radical change was needed.

“Because of the competitiveness of the market, we need to make major changes to the airline, and as a result, we will not be accepting new signups until these changes have been completed, but existing pilots will be given the privilege of using all the features and schedules of the new VA. We hope to be fully operational by the end of July.”

As of now, there is no actual date set for the relaunch, but it is expected to be near the end of July, and more news will be posted when we know about it.


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