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Westwind Opens New Madrid Hub

Westwind Airlines has just opened its 16th hub worldwide and 4th European hub in Madrid, Spain. This is a big stepping stone for the VAs growth in Europe. The hub has been welcomed by all members of the VA, and it is seen as a great example of the rapid expansion the airline has seen recently.

The opening of the Madrid hub, shows the airlines drive to become succesful in Europe and become as great in Europe as it is in the US. The expansion will add to the airlines 400+ served cities and will also open up new regional destinations as well as destinations in Africa, the Middle East and South America.

This move continues our committment to Europe as a WestWind market. Madrid serves the vacation resorts of southern Europe. The management team is made up of two highly experienced and motivated pilots, Eoin Coates (former Frankfurt Hub Manager) and Scott Cote.

As always all are welcome to join the team in Madrid or in any other hub in the airline! See you in the Sky!


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