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Flock-Air Announces Rebranding

In a letter to the editor of, the CEO of Flock-Air announced plans to rebrand it’s entire fleet.

We would like to inform the press-service, that Flock-Air management has decided to invest in a new fleet design, thats why all aircraft of FOA are going to be repainted.

Within October 2009, the whole fleet including B737,B747,Airbus A330, Boeing 747,CRJ700 are going to be re-branded.  After the main fleet goes into operation in new colors, the airline is going to invest also in aircraft that aren’t used for main operations, so that also the flight school with its props is going to have in one CI Planes in the new 2009 design ready for its junior pilots.

Flock-Air fleet expands and comes in the last quarter of 2009 in brand new colors and the whole fleet in one main FOA – design, Many thanks for the attention, Let’s keep it flocking and rocking!

Best Regards
Phil (BusinessScout – FOA-775) W.
Founder and CEO of FLOCK-AIR


One Response to Flock-Air Announces Rebranding

  • Joel Cooper says:

    Hi Philipp look forward to the roll out of your new liveries I hope that they will be of your expectations.

    I should hope that it will take the professionalism of Flock-Air to a whole new level.
    Look forward to carrying the relationship of Flock-Air and Stormy Designs well into the future.

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