Virtual Military Airlift Command Rebrands itself to Commissioned Air Transport Services

Formally founded as VMAC Virtual Military Airlift Command in April, 2009 realized over the course of these many months, the name did not reflect the mission statement of the program. VMAC, never reflected a command of the US Air Force as it was representative of a multi-national air transport command. Over time this became unsettling as there was never a defined mission stating the goals of VMAC. Consequently there were a host of changes and updates to the site and it’s documentation that didn’t sit well with many.

Recent events dictated that this program needed it’s own Identity and to distance itself from the constant borage of emails received by those who shared just the acronym “VMAC” and those who claimed the rights to the title name Virtual Military Airlift Command. General Russell Hooten (Member) who is Senior Operations Advisor to CATS have worked to put this together and giving the program the stability it was missing for many months.

There have been no changes to operations, a name and website redesign and a definitive mission statement explaining who we are.

This does open opportunities for enhancements in our mission structure and setting up a more defined mission command programs. But for now we will get acquainted with the new site and name.

Every image, document, Ribbons, badges, medals and rank structure is original and designed specifically for CATS. There is not a single part of the CATS site that is borrowed from anyone in the hobby or the real world. The whole operations of CATS is original. The whole concept of this VA was presented at back in April.

Here is what we are:
Commissioned Air Transport Services (CATS).  In the same way that the Navy has MSTS….Navy owned support ships crewed with civil service mariners.

CATS (Fictitious Air Force version) of  the Navy MSTS.  Air Forced owned support aircraft flown by commissioned civil service aircrews. Our job is to support but not engage in combat operations while providing airlifts when needed in a general support role around the world for the US Air Force and Air transport for all government departments needing air transportation.

The United States has seven federal uniformed services that commission officers.

The five armed services, and two noncombatant uniformed services.





National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Corps (NOAA Corps) is a uniformed branch of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (PHSCC) is the uniformed personnel system of the United States Public Health Service. Commissioned officers of NOAA and PHS wear uniforms that are derived from Navy uniforms, except that the commissioning devices, buttons, and insignia reflect their specific service.

Now we have a third noncombatant uniformed service that commission officers.  Commissioned Air Transport Services  (CATS). Wearing a uniform that is derived from Air Force uniforms except that the commissioning devices, buttons, and insignia reflect that of CATS.

We are excited in the change and it opens up a host of new mission opportunities for our members.

David Zaleski


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