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Virtual Military Airlift Command Reopens Under Original Founder

The Virtual Military Airlift Command is back under the founder’s ownership.  Lloyd Mendenhall, who founded VMAC in 1997, is back in command.

In December of 1997 four FS Pilots got together and formed VMAC(Yes! 1997).  The original founders of VMAC were, Lloyd Mendenhall, Lindy Northam Jr., Doyle Northam Sr., and Mike Fletcher.  The Virtual Military Airlift Command ran non-stop until 2007.  Continue reading


Virtual Military Airlift Command Rebrands itself to Commissioned Air Transport Services

Formally founded as VMAC Virtual Military Airlift Command in April, 2009 realized over the course of these many months, the name did not reflect the mission statement of the program. VMAC, never reflected a command of the US Air Force as it was representative of a multi-national air transport command. Over time this became unsettling as there was never a defined mission stating the goals of VMAC. Consequently there were a host of changes and updates to the site and it’s documentation that didn’t sit well with many. Continue reading


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