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Almirath Arabian Airlines Relaunches


On May 31, 2014, two years of redevelopment was complete as the #arabiandream relaunched operations. To commemorate the relaunch, Almirath Arabian Airlines is offering Direct-Entry applications for its Boeing 737 program. vPilots will be allowed to apply directly for a Boeing 737 First Officer position with the company.

The airline announced that its launch program will consist of stages aimed at slowly increasing web traffic to its new web site. Direct Entry applications to the Boeing 737 will begin on May 31, 2014. Shortly thereafter, the company will open applications to the Boeing 777, A330/A340 and A380 programs, respectively.

Visit to stay up to date with the latest in launch preparations. The company still has open staff positions available at


Air Fresno to Reopen

In May of 2012 Air Fresno entered Chapter 13 bankruptcy due to a decline of its customer base and the airlines parent company over extending itself on other projects. Over the next few months all other projects under McKay Virtual Aviation’s management were cancelled and existing projects were closed. With a totally clean slate work began on the most economical launch of Air Fresno for the fall of 2013, using the available remaining staff and specific flights that were popular with the airline since its initial launching in March, 1998. Considerations were made to incorporate many new expectations regarding fleet choices as well, with a payware regional aircraft still being the choice of those who expressed a preference.

Currently Air Fresno is expected to return to operational status in mid to late November, it is seeking exemptions from 14 CFR Part 139 restrictions so that it may move its operations from Fresno-Yosemite International (FAT) to the downtown Continue reading


Air Fresno Reopens

This month marks the reopening of a virtual airline icon; Air Fresno Virtual Airlines has decided to put it’s airlines webpage back up to satisfy the requests of some of it’s former pilots. Since 1997 the airline has been on the lips of many in the hobby, when it opened in March of 1998 it set many standards. Air Fresno CEO Peter McKay was awarded the VANF’s Pilot of the Year 10 years ago, and the airline garnered many awards in the infancy of this hobby. Over the years however, as airlines modernized Air Fresno choose to stay with what worked for them; the hands on approach. In it’s reopening on the CEO’s 50th birthday on March 12th it establishes itself as a Legacy airline, one that does not actively seek new pilots but Continue reading


Virtual Military Airlift Command Reopens Under Original Founder

The Virtual Military Airlift Command is back under the founder’s ownership.  Lloyd Mendenhall, who founded VMAC in 1997, is back in command.

In December of 1997 four FS Pilots got together and formed VMAC(Yes! 1997).  The original founders of VMAC were, Lloyd Mendenhall, Lindy Northam Jr., Doyle Northam Sr., and Mike Fletcher.  The Virtual Military Airlift Command ran non-stop until 2007.  Continue reading


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