Air Fresno to Reopen

In May of 2012 Air Fresno entered Chapter 13 bankruptcy due to a decline of its customer base and the airlines parent company over extending itself on other projects. Over the next few months all other projects under McKay Virtual Aviation’s management were cancelled and existing projects were closed. With a totally clean slate work began on the most economical launch of Air Fresno for the fall of 2013, using the available remaining staff and specific flights that were popular with the airline since its initial launching in March, 1998. Considerations were made to incorporate many new expectations regarding fleet choices as well, with a payware regional aircraft still being the choice of those who expressed a preference.

Currently Air Fresno is expected to return to operational status in mid to late November, it is seeking exemptions from 14 CFR Part 139 restrictions so that it may move its operations from Fresno-Yosemite International (FAT) to the downtown Chandler Executive airport (FCH) and to operate through South Lake Tahoe (TVL) on a regularly scheduled basis. Only a few flights will be available when the airline reopens, based on the current staffing levels. Extension of services will be based on airline growth. The airline will remain based in MSFS9 due to the limitations of the PMDG Express Beech 1900C and 1900D aircraft selected for use. The airline’s webpage is accessible but is still receiving renovation.

As it has since March 1, 1998, Air Fresno can be found at


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