Japan Airlines Virtual Looking for Chief Training Executive

Training and development officers help with the ongoing, long-term improvement of employees’ skills, enabling them to fulfill their potential within their organization. Increasingly, training and development officers are required to be strategic rather than reactive, assessing the skills and knowledge within an  organization and determining what training is needed to grow and retain these skills. This position reports  directly to the CEO & VEO. All other positions related to the training are subordinate to the CTE.


• Designing and expanding training and development programs based on both the organization’s and the pilot’s needs;

• Working in a team to produce programs that are satisfactory to all relevant parties in an organization, such as Chief Pilots, Human Resources, Hub Managers ,Event Staff, Flight Operations, CEO and the VEO;

• producing training materials for in-house courses;

• ensuring that statutory training requirements are met;

• evaluating training and development programs;

• keeping up to date with developments in training by reading relevant journals, going to meetings and attending relevant courses;

• helping the pilots and trainers solve specific training problems, either on a one-to-one basis or in groups;

• researching new technologies and methodologies in workplace learning and presenting this research


• Strong interpersonal and communications skills, both verbal and written

• Ability to demonstrate initiative and assertiveness, the ability to plan and manage work in an efficient manner, and the ability to work well under stress and time pressures

• Have a valid Skype ID

• Strong knowledge of Microsoft Flight Simulator and various add-ons

• Should be able to devote a minimum of 10 hours a week


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