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Channel Express Virtual Hiring


What do we look for in a pilot at Channel Express Virtual ?

We look for someone who is prepared to make that certain commitment to fly on a regular basis, when able to do so.

This also means that they will progress through the ranks and be rewarded for doing so at the same time.. We have a number of awards for each particular achievement which shows in a pilots own records.

We cater for all types of flying skills whether a pilot is experienced or a complete beginner at flight sim flying.

If you want to progress and feel you have accomplished something. give us a look.

We look forward to meeting you..


Introducing Island Virtual

IslandVAHere at Island Virtual we strive to keep our operations as realistic as possible.  Our goal is to give pilots the perfect opportunity to fly.  We have fully dedicated staff in order to help you reach your personal goal within the airline.  With us you get to fly real-world routes from American, British Airways, Lufthansa, United much more, whilst ranking up and earning virtual money.  We let you fly any route in any any aircraft however,  pireps can be rejected if you exceeded -700 on landing rate. You get the opportunity to consider fuel consumption and take into account safety, economics and airline logistics.  We base ourselves at Miami International Airport, with other bigger hubs around the US.  With us, you can fly routes all around the world. So why not join us today and join the ranks of some of the most professional virtual pilots?  This is why our tracking system lets users fly routes when they want and where they want.  You can use our virtual airline to build a realistic career like environment where you can gain hours, and awards as you fly.

We hope to see you soon!

VAFLASH EDITOR NOTE:  It appears as they are hiring for staff positions as well.. :)


Wayfare Virtual Airlines Official Launch Date Revealed

WayFair Airlines Logo(Raleigh, North Carolina) – After much preparation and Beta testing, Wayfare Virtual Airlines will officially begin operations on April 1, 2015.

With only two weeks until the maiden flight from Raleigh-Durham, the Wayfare team is hard at work. Final touches are being applied to the website, as well as the flight-tracking client. All Airport Operations staff members have completed training and are eager to assist customers, come April 1. In addition to assisting our customers at the airport, our Reservations staff members are currently accepting bookings through May.  With a recent increase in demand for air travel, Wayfare Virtual Airlines is anticipating a need for In-Flight Crew members. Currently available positions are listed below:

-       Raleigh, NC
-       Oklahoma City, OK

Equipment Type(s): Continue reading


aeroJet VA Launches Operations

ajvalogoA brand new low-cost Virtual Airline has formally launched operations the week of March 7th.

aeroJet VA will mirror the real-world operations of a successful U.K low-cost operator , and aims to fly 220 airbus A319 and A320 series aircraft on over 700 routes across 30 countries in and around Europe. This will trigger a significant recruitment drive for the VA. Continue reading


Eastern Airlines Wants You!

EasternAVLike flying long haul but LOVE flying commuter routes? How about the other way around or perhaps something in between? At Eastern Airlines Virtual we have flights to fit every preference. From short commuter hops in turboprops all the way up to the longest long hauls in 777, 747, A330, A340, and A380 type aircraft and everything in between. We have an aircraft and route size that fits just about every preference out there. Prefer your planes to have big round radials on them? We even have routes for those as well.

Eastern Airlines Virtual offers many benefits including;

- 10 hubs spread across the United States, from traditional Eastern Airlines hubs in Miami and Atlanta to non-traditional Eastern hubs in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Seattle.

- Fleet Hanger with 33 Aircraft ranging from modern aircraft in new liveries to traditional Eastern Airlines birds in the iconic Eastern Hockey Stick livery. Fly the DC-3 to the A380 and 747-8

- Earn Ribbons and Medals flying Tours and Challenges. Our website contains a complete pilot profile page where you can view and keep track of all your awards.

- Ranking system based on Hours flown.

- NO hourly or minimum rank requirements to fly bigger aircraft.

Come see us at and see how from short hops to long hauls we’re “Earning our Wings Everyday”


Introducing UKVirtual Airlines


“We would like to welcome pilots young and old and any location to join a established Virtual Airline based in the United Kingdom. What we have to offer is thirty three airlines with a combined schedule base of over four thousand flights, a charter mode, and limited rules to offer pilots the freedom to fly where they want, when they wan’t and in whichever aircraft they wan’t.

At UKVirtual we have no entrance exam, no monthly flight restrictions or restrictive online rules,  we just encourage members to fly together as a community, attending regular events including Friday night props hops, Dangerous approaches, or Sunday night city hops. These events are mainly held on VATSIM, where we are a registered airline under the callsign “Union” .

With links to UK2000, VATSIM, Vroute, FS2Crew and Aerosoft, UKVirtual has alot more to offer than just a simple flight from A to B, however if you are a pilot looking for that simple flight, then UKVirtual might be the airline for you.

For more information visit the website , or email “” for any queries you may have before joining the community at UKVirtual.


Announcing LUV SWA Virtual


LUVSWA is a virtual airline for users of FS9 and FSX, on the networks of IVAO and VATSIM. LUVSWA Virtual offers a virtual flying experience for pilots who wish to be part of an organization which is fun and simultaneously gives you the feeling of being part of an airline environment.  The most important aim of LUV SWA Virtual is providing the most realistic virtual air service. If you are ready for that low cost feeling, LUV is for you, this is your VA!  Welcome to our family.

LUVSWA is now hiring for STAFF and PILOT positions!

Apply today!


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