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Introducing UKVirtual Airlines


“We would like to welcome pilots young and old and any location to join a established Virtual Airline based in the United Kingdom. What we have to offer is thirty three airlines with a combined schedule base of over four thousand flights, a charter mode, and limited rules to offer pilots the freedom to fly where they want, when they wan’t and in whichever aircraft they wan’t.

At UKVirtual we have no entrance exam, no monthly flight restrictions or restrictive online rules,  we just encourage members to fly together as a community, attending regular events including Friday night props hops, Dangerous approaches, or Sunday night city hops. These events are mainly held on VATSIM, where we are a registered airline under the callsign “Union” .

With links to UK2000, VATSIM, Vroute, FS2Crew and Aerosoft, UKVirtual has alot more to offer than just a simple flight from A to B, however if you are a pilot looking for that simple flight, then UKVirtual might be the airline for you.

For more information visit the website , or email “” for any queries you may have before joining the community at UKVirtual.


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