JAL VIRTUAL Launches New Website


JAL VIRTUAL is pleased to announced after 6 months of development, we have completed our new website designed by us, designed for you the pilot. This will be the most radical development in the history of JAL VIRTUAL!

Our website uses the latest website technologies with elegant design and style with a unified theme to it. We are bringing the best to you for many years to come. We hope you appreciate the time, effort and investment we have brought to you in JALV2014.

A beta period of one month will begin right after the launch of the new site to kink out the bugs that will last until August 10th, 2014.

We hope this new website serves us for many years to come. In addition to our website we have many news things included in our changes most notably a dedicated training academy, rewards and schedules overhaul.

Our integrated training academy on launch will feature aircraft certifications for B747, B737, B767 and A320 aircrafts and in the future we hope to bring Q400, B777 and various airbus aircrafts into the fold, we plan on gaining VATSIM ATO status asap and there will be other areas of Continue reading




As a flight simmer, you’ve probably tried your hand at flying all sorts of aircraft. Try your hand at this scenario: landing a heavy C-5 or C-17 in the harsh weather of the Poles as you touch down on an all-ice runway in McMurdo Station.

Or perhaps you prefer SPEED.  As a virtual airman in vUSAF’s Air Combat Command, you’ll spend a lot of your time in excess of Mach 1 .

With the recent development of the  ACMI gauge, a completely free utility available to all vUSAF airmen, the line between reality and fantasy blurs even further. All missile-equipped fighters come with two wing-loads full of armament, making the fight extend BVR (beyond visual range). If your missile misses, you’ll always have your guns…at least until you run out of ammo and the ACMI gauge gives you that heart-stalling click of an empty magazine. Popping flares and chaff as you race to land at the nearest Air Force base, decked out with completely free payware-quality scenery, you somehow manage to evade the enemy and land among frame  rate-friendly models of your brothers and sisters in arms.

With major events each year, including a simulated Red Flag, a myriad of smaller deployments and wing training events, an active community of military-style pilots, and an administrative staff who are there to Continue reading


Air Midwest Virtual Now Hiring – Pilot / Executive Positions Available

Air Midwest Virtual is a brand new airline in the Virtual Airline world created in December of 2013. We are currently in the rebuilding stage and are looking for dedicated Pilots and Executive Staff to help Air Midwest become one of the best virtual airlines ever created! CEO Trey Niemyer is very experienced with Virtual Airlines as he has been the CEO at another major Virtual Airline, and was the CEO of Cargo Operations at Verazano Virtual, one of the most well known virtual airlines ever. Air Midwest Virtual flies 2 regional aircraft, Saab 340B based out of Sioux Gateway Airport (KSUX) and a CRJ 700 based out of Des Moines International Airport (KDSM). Our 5 main aircraft include: Boeing 737-700, Airbus A321, Airbus A320, MD80, ERJ 175. We have custom liveries coming for all of those aircraft in the very near future! We are based out of Des Moines, Iowa at the Des Moines International Airport and also have one hub in Sioux City, Iowa at Sioux Gateway Airport for our Saab 340B aircraft. At Air Midwest we fly to over 50 destinations in the United States and also to Toronto, Canada. We also have one seasonal route to St. Maartin (TNCM) during the winter months. Want to be apart of something very special?

Check out our website and apply today!

General Info

-Based out of Continue reading

SmartJet Opens New Website!

SmartJet Virtual is pleased to announce that we have taken off into 2014 with some great new upgrades to our airline! After having our old phpVMS site hacked, and having to shut down for some time, we are now officially back in action, and we are better than ever, serving 50+ destinations across Canada and the United States, and operating a fleet of 53 Boeing 737-700 aircraft with 13 Boeing 737-800′s on order along with 2 Boeing 787-8′s to serve farther destinations such as travel destinations in the Caribbean and select destinations in Europe. As we had to start our airline out fresh after the hacking, we are very low on pilots and are always looking for new pilots!

You can check us out at


freshJet Opens Staff Positions

Low-cost airline freshJet is seeking new staff members as part of a re-development. The following roles are available:

- Operations Manager
- Training Director

Role descriptions and further information can be found here.

Flight deck recruitment also remains open for our Airbus A320 and A330 aircraft.

freshJet is a low-cost airline operating Airbus A319, A320 and A330 aircraft from hubs in Belfast, Glasgow and Manchester to a variety of destinations across Europe and the USA. Currently undergoing a major development programme, freshJet will expand it’s European and long-haul operations in 2014 and increase fleet size by 3-5 aircraft. As part of the development project, a new website will be released in December 2013 with both new and upgraded features, offering an innovative experience for crew and staff alike.


Twitter: @freshJetvirtual


Japan Airlines Virtual Looking for Chief Training Executive

Training and development officers help with the ongoing, long-term improvement of employees’ skills, enabling them to fulfill their potential within their organization. Increasingly, training and development officers are required to be strategic rather than reactive, assessing the skills and knowledge within an  organization and determining what training is needed to grow and retain these skills. This position reports  directly to the CEO & VEO. All other positions related to the training are subordinate to the CTE.


• Designing and expanding training and development programs based on both the organization’s and the pilot’s needs;

• Working in a team to produce programs that are satisfactory to all relevant parties in an organization, such as Continue reading


Japan Airlines Virtual Resuming 787 Service

787 Service Restarts, 787 Service Expansion
Japan Airlines Virtual is please restart Boeing 787 Service on June 1st, 2013. JALV has successfully restarted flights to San Diego, and Boston.

We are very excited to have the Boeing 787 re-join our fleet, the 787 enables us to reach new destinations, efficiently, and in a new style of comfort. As well each Boeing 787 we fly has a bit of Japan on it, inside and out.

In addition to current destinations served by the 787, we are proud to announce, Boeing 787 service expansion at JALV. New Destinations include: Helsinki (EFHK), and existing destinations that will be upgraded to Boeing 787 are Singapore, Beijing, Delhi, Moscow, San Francisco, Sydney and Bangkok

Boeing 787 Service Plan, Start Dates:

June 1, 2013:

-          RJAA – KBOS (Boston) JAL8/JAL7

-          RJAA – KSAN (San Diego) JAL65/JAL66

-          RJAA – WSSS (Singapore) JAL719/JAL712 & JAL711/JAL710

-          RJTT – WSSS (Singa Continue reading


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