resuminig 787 service

Japan Airlines Virtual Resuming 787 Service

787 Service Restarts, 787 Service Expansion
Japan Airlines Virtual is please restart Boeing 787 Service on June 1st, 2013. JALV has successfully restarted flights to San Diego, and Boston.

We are very excited to have the Boeing 787 re-join our fleet, the 787 enables us to reach new destinations, efficiently, and in a new style of comfort. As well each Boeing 787 we fly has a bit of Japan on it, inside and out.

In addition to current destinations served by the 787, we are proud to announce, Boeing 787 service expansion at JALV. New Destinations include: Helsinki (EFHK), and existing destinations that will be upgraded to Boeing 787 are Singapore, Beijing, Delhi, Moscow, San Francisco, Sydney and Bangkok

Boeing 787 Service Plan, Start Dates:

June 1, 2013:

-          RJAA – KBOS (Boston) JAL8/JAL7

-          RJAA – KSAN (San Diego) JAL65/JAL66

-          RJAA – WSSS (Singapore) JAL719/JAL712 & JAL711/JAL710

-          RJTT – WSSS (Singa Continue reading


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