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SparkJet Virtual Receives VATSIM Certification, Announces Expansion Plans!

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida — SparkJet announced today that VATSIM has made SparkJet a member Virtual Airline, an achievement that many virtual airlines don’t ever achieve. With the certification, SparkJet is now recognized as a top virtual airline operating on an excellent and professional network.

In other news, SparkJet announced that it has officially opened the new crew bases in CYYC and SCEL. “These new bases and operations enable SparkJet to introduce the world with a superior product for a lower cost, bringing joy back to flying” was what SparkJet CEO Zeke Elias said during the press conference. Currently the bases operate with four and two B737-600 aircraft respectively, with plans for further expansion and upgrading if there is enough demand.

SparkJet’s management team has also been traveling back and forth to Sydney, Australia during the past two months and have placed requests with the Australian government for authorization to begin service from YSSY to points around the country. When asked, Zeke Elias stated “We are all ready to begin service, all we need is approval and ferrying of the aircraft which should occur later this week.” In order to support the operation Boeing has leased SparkJet two B747-400′s for service to OMDB, YSSY and RJAA.

SparkJet is still actively working in expanding its operations at SCEL, CYYZ and YSSY. SparkJet  is still taking applications for First Officers out of their KABQ or KFLL Hubs or their focus cities in KSFO, KJFK, CYYC and SCEL, interested? Join us today at!


Hawaiian Virtual Now Hiring

Hawaiian Virtual is a Virtual Airline used to simulate the operations of the real world Hawaiian Airlines as accurately as possible. Hawaiian Airlines has a fleet of Boeing 717-200s, Boeing 767-300ERs,and the Airbus A330-200s.

Hawaiian has 2 hubs: Honolulu International Airport in Honolulu, as the airlines main hub, and a secondary hub at the Kahului Airport in Maui.

Hawaiian Virtual utilizes its own smartCARS acars system to log flights .We provide technical support for users of Microsoft Flight Simulator (x-plane, 2004, FSX), pilots using any flight simulation program are welcome to join.

We offer Codeshares,a friendly staff team and a teamspeak 3 server .

Hawaii Starts Here
Visit Hawaiian Virtual online @


Australasian Virtual Airlines – Recruitment Round!

Australasian Virtual Airlines has now been serving the Asia Pacific region and beyond for approximately 6 months. Our virtual airline has a large selection of aircraft in our fleet with over 2000 routes worldwide! We run our pirep system through VAFS and currently ranked 32nd amongst other VAFS VAs!

What Australasian has to offer:
* Dedicated TS3 server and Web-chat for members to communicate.
* Dedicated members forum.
* Humanitarian, Rescue, and Disaster Relief Missions.
* Events – We currently take part in IVAO events in the AU region but this will be extended.
* In-house competitions (Soon – To be launched later this year.
* Helpful and friendly bunch of pilots to fly and share experiences with.
…and more. We are always open to suggestions.

Australasian’s main goal is to provide Flight Simmers with a Continue reading


vAmerican Airlines Development Underway – Now Hiring Management

Well its official, development for vAmerican Airlines is under way, and we should be up and operational by the summer of 2013. In the mean time you can visit our arriving site at You can find links to our Facebook page, and twitter, as well as other information you may need on this site. We are currently looking for certain management positions, if you are interested or if you have any questions feel free to email me at

Austin Carrillo
CEO vAmerican Airlines

Cathay Pacific Virtual Wants You!

Cathay Pacific Virtual is a dynamic virtual airline based in the Island Nation of Hong Kong. We replicate the operations of the real world Cathay Pacific and Cathay Pacific Cargo, flying the A330, A340, B777 and B747, we can cater to every sim pilots long haul dreams. We have short range to ultra long range flights available in some of the most popular planes available.

We are currently seeking applicants who wish to be trained on our fleet of A330 aircraft. Applicants will have to spend 10 hours flying time after joining on the A330 before being able to pursue other aircraft type ratings.

To qualify for membership to Cathay Pacific Virtual the pilot is required to meet the following minimum criteria;

•    The pilot must be in possession of Flight Simulator 2004 or FSX.
•    The pilot must be over the age of 13.
•    The ability to fly for Cathay Pacific Virtual once every 30 days. (See Pilot Inactivity Policy)
•    The pilot must submit their real identity. (No nicknames or callsigns are permitted)
•    The ability to show professionalism within the organization and when conducting Online Operations.
•    As English is the international language of the aviation industry, we require applicants to harbour a reasonable level of written and spoken English.

Online Network Registration

•    There is no formal obligation to fly using the online network, however we recommend the use of Continue reading

freshJet Seeking Talented Fleet Painter

freshJet has opened a position for Fleet Painter to take on the honours of painting our yet-to-be revealed new livery for 2013. The livery will become the face of the airline, painted across our Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft which operate on all of our services across Europe from our UK hubs in Glasgow, Manchester and Belfast.

The painter will be responsible for the painting of the new livery but in addition will also be welcomed as part of the staff team, earning them the opportunity to take part in future projects such as the design of special liveries, logojets and even naming an aircraft. Additionally you will have the opportunity to contribute in decision making by having your say, whilst being entitled to all the other advantages of being a freshJet staff member.

The applicant must be able to provide evidence of previous work which must be entirely their own work (however not necessarily including the design)

To find out more, visit our careers page.


SparkJet Virtual Announces Fleet Restructuring!

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida – SparkJet ‘s executives announced yesterday in an email to its employees of a fleet restructuring to occur in the upcoming weeks. Zeke Elias, SparkJet’s CEO explained in the email that due to the JS41 and the ATR resulting uneconomical for SparkJet they would be replaced with the Embraer 135 and Embraer 170 respectively, and once the aicraft were ferried in they would enter service. The email also talked about the replacement of all A320′s at the Albuquerque, NM (ICAO:KABQ) hub for B737-800′s and managed to surprise the employees when they read that SparkJet would be adding the B757-200ER to the fleet to replace two A320′s from the Albuquerque, NM (ICAO:KABQ) hub and add flights to South America from the Fort Lauderdale, FL (ICAO:KFLL) Hub, a move that had been secretly in the behind the scene plans for months. “SparkJet’s A320′s will be placed into storage until they are needed for expansion” was something that Zeke Elias made sure to tell the employees, SparkJet is also planning on replacing the A330′s but is waiting on the opportunity to purchase B767-300′s that are up to SparkJet standards.

“The four new B757-200′s give SparkJet a lot of flexibility when it comes to longer-haul routes that a B737-800 is not capable of serving, plus it brings the consumer a new experience in flying” said Zeke Elias when asked about the secret change this morning at the corporate offices. “We worked very closely with the DOT and the governments of Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia to bring to the consumer the best selection of flights and routes while remaining competitive within the industry.”

The new flights are as follows:

From KFLL:

Rio de Janeiro-Galeão Continue reading


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