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SparkJet Announces Kanata

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – SparkJet today unveiled its new Canadian operation, marking a milestone in the quest of Albuquerque’s hometown airline to serve all of the Americas. Special introductory routes are available beginning today at and through travel agents. Along with details of the initial destinations it will fly to beginning in December 2013, the name of Canada’s newest airline – SparkKanata – was announced after management released preliminary details to the core pilot group and media earlier this week.

“With the introduction today of Kanata, SparkJet enters Canadas’s growing market on a truly competitive basis,” said Zeke Elias, SparkJet’s Chief Executive Officer, at a news conference in Albuquerque to unveil the new airline. “SparkKanata will leverage the strengths of our extensive, high quality network and operational expertise along with interline agreements with regional airlines all over Canada in order to offer Canadians great value for their travel.” He continued, “The name Kanata comes from the St. Lawrence Iroquoian word kanata, meaning “village” or “settlement”.  We want to be the airline Canadian’s can depend on to keep them safe and efficient.”

Elias concluded, “With travel time at a premium, SparkKanata will combine affordable fares, great service and choice destinations with those benefits offered by SparkJet that are valued most by travellers. We look forward to giving them a warm welcome onboard SparkKanata, Canada’s newest affordable, modern airline.”


Sparkjet Virtual Joins the Aeolus Alliance

Aeolus welcomes Sparkjet Virtual to the Alliance.

With this we now expand our route network over to the United States of America with new opportunities for all alliance members.

With the fourth member joining we are now preparing for our first event in the European Airspace

Welcome to Aeolus Alliance Sparkjet Virtual from the whole staff.


SparkJet Virtual Receives VATSIM Certification, Announces Expansion Plans!

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida — SparkJet announced today that VATSIM has made SparkJet a member Virtual Airline, an achievement that many virtual airlines don’t ever achieve. With the certification, SparkJet is now recognized as a top virtual airline operating on an excellent and professional network.

In other news, SparkJet announced that it has officially opened the new crew bases in CYYC and SCEL. “These new bases and operations enable SparkJet to introduce the world with a superior product for a lower cost, bringing joy back to flying” was what SparkJet CEO Zeke Elias said during the press conference. Currently the bases operate with four and two B737-600 aircraft respectively, with plans for further expansion and upgrading if there is enough demand.

SparkJet’s management team has also been traveling back and forth to Sydney, Australia during the past two months and have placed requests with the Australian government for authorization to begin service from YSSY to points around the country. When asked, Zeke Elias stated “We are all ready to begin service, all we need is approval and ferrying of the aircraft which should occur later this week.” In order to support the operation Boeing has leased SparkJet two B747-400′s for service to OMDB, YSSY and RJAA.

SparkJet is still actively working in expanding its operations at SCEL, CYYZ and YSSY. SparkJet  is still taking applications for First Officers out of their KABQ or KFLL Hubs or their focus cities in KSFO, KJFK, CYYC and SCEL, interested? Join us today at!


SparkJet Virtual Introduces Dash8-Q400 to Fleet, Turns Three Months!

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida — SparkJet announced today the introduction of the Dash8-Q400 on select routes from KJFK and KSFO. The Canadian made aircraft sits 78 passengers and enables SparkJet to serve destinations they previously weren’t able to due to fleet restrictions. Zeke Elias, SparkJet’s CEO was quoted saying “The Q400 will revolutionize SparkJet and will deliver the SparkJet experience to more customers all over North America”. SparkJet is also currently awaiting for VATSIM to accept the partnership. This partnership will benefit crew members because SparkJet will now be recognized as a top virtual airline operating on an excellent and professional network.

The introduction of the Q400 also comes in time for SparkJets third month celebration, a milestone when it comes to Virtual Airlines which further goes to prove that SparkJet is here for the long-run. In the meantime SparkJet is still developing a training center for the crew members to become more knowledgeable about aviation and is working on several more “updates” behind the scenes to bring the crew members and passengers the most amazing in-flight experience ever

SparkJet is still actively working in expanding its operations to SCEL, CYYZ and KMCI and is expecting to get the new schedules on-line within the following weeks. And is still taking applications for First Officers out of their KABQ or KFLL Hubs or their focus cities in KSFO and KJFK, interested? Join us today at! Continue reading


SparkJet Virtual’s VATSIM Certification Soon, Urges Pilots to Join and Fly!

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, — Zeke Elias announced today in an email to the crew members that SparkJet is only weeks away from achieving VATSIM partnership which is a huge step that will set the mark for many new SparkJet future endeavors. This partnership will benefit crew members because SparkJet will now be recognized as a top virtual airline operating on an excellent and professional network.

In order to celebrate our upcoming VATSIM partnership and increase participation SparkJet management would like to encourage you to come join us today and fly some SparkJet metal around the world from our bases in KFLL and KABQ. For even further encouragement we have decided that any pilot that joins and files a PIREP on the VATSIM network before the end of the month will be upgraded to the next rank and will receive a special participation award.

SparkJet is still actively working in expanding its operations to SCEL, CYYZ and KMCI and is expecting to get the new schedules on-line within the following weeks. SparkJet management has also started working on a customized training center where crew members will be able to further expand their knowledge and is planning a website revamp to bring a breath of fresh air after certification.

So what are you waiting for, go out there and FLY for your UPGRADE!

Visit SparkJet Virtual online @:


SparkJet Virtual Begins Ferrying New Aircraft, Announces New Focus Cities!

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida,  — SparkJet’s CEO Zeke Elias announced yesterday in an email to the employees that SparkJet had decided on new focus cities and had started the ferrying of aircraft to the airline current hubs. The new focus cities are strategically located and enable SparkJet to reach millions of new potential consumers, initially the first base to open will be Kansas City International Airport, Kansas (ICAO: KMCI) and will have a B738/B772 pilot and Flight Attendant base, the next move will be to open two international focus cities, one in Calgary International Airport, Alberta, Canada (ICAO:CYYC) and one in Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport in Santiago, Chile. “We have use our connections and knowledge of the South American market to understand what the consumer wants and needs, so we decided the best business plan would be rolling out a low-cost, full service model with McDonnell Douglas MD-80′s and serve domestic and international destinations” said Zeke Elias about the new focus city in Chile.

The last new focus cities SparkJet will open is a base in Faaa International Airport in Faaa, Tahiti (ICAO:NTAA) which will open the door to the Asia and South Pacific market and will enable the crews to enjoy “Paradise”.

With the introduction of the new Focus Cities, SparkJet also announced the purchase of four B777-200LR’s from Boeing which will be coming on-line in the following weeks, “The 777′s allow us to expand to markets that the B763 did not enable us to, like Asia, the Middle East and Oceania said Zeke Elias in the email to the employees.

Finally SparkJet began ferrying two ERJ135LR’s and four ERJ170LR’s to both the Albuquerque International Airport (ICAO: KABQ) and Fort Lauderdale International Airport (ICAO: KFLL) hubs to Continue reading


SparkJet Virtual Announces Fleet Restructuring!

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida – SparkJet ‘s executives announced yesterday in an email to its employees of a fleet restructuring to occur in the upcoming weeks. Zeke Elias, SparkJet’s CEO explained in the email that due to the JS41 and the ATR resulting uneconomical for SparkJet they would be replaced with the Embraer 135 and Embraer 170 respectively, and once the aicraft were ferried in they would enter service. The email also talked about the replacement of all A320′s at the Albuquerque, NM (ICAO:KABQ) hub for B737-800′s and managed to surprise the employees when they read that SparkJet would be adding the B757-200ER to the fleet to replace two A320′s from the Albuquerque, NM (ICAO:KABQ) hub and add flights to South America from the Fort Lauderdale, FL (ICAO:KFLL) Hub, a move that had been secretly in the behind the scene plans for months. “SparkJet’s A320′s will be placed into storage until they are needed for expansion” was something that Zeke Elias made sure to tell the employees, SparkJet is also planning on replacing the A330′s but is waiting on the opportunity to purchase B767-300′s that are up to SparkJet standards.

“The four new B757-200′s give SparkJet a lot of flexibility when it comes to longer-haul routes that a B737-800 is not capable of serving, plus it brings the consumer a new experience in flying” said Zeke Elias when asked about the secret change this morning at the corporate offices. “We worked very closely with the DOT and the governments of Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia to bring to the consumer the best selection of flights and routes while remaining competitive within the industry.”

The new flights are as follows:

From KFLL:

Rio de Janeiro-Galeão Continue reading


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