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SparkJet Virtual’s VATSIM Certification Soon, Urges Pilots to Join and Fly!

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, — Zeke Elias announced today in an email to the crew members that SparkJet is only weeks away from achieving VATSIM partnership which is a huge step that will set the mark for many new SparkJet future endeavors. This partnership will benefit crew members because SparkJet will now be recognized as a top virtual airline operating on an excellent and professional network.

In order to celebrate our upcoming VATSIM partnership and increase participation SparkJet management would like to encourage you to come join us today and fly some SparkJet metal around the world from our bases in KFLL and KABQ. For even further encouragement we have decided that any pilot that joins and files a PIREP on the VATSIM network before the end of the month will be upgraded to the next rank and will receive a special participation award.

SparkJet is still actively working in expanding its operations to SCEL, CYYZ and KMCI and is expecting to get the new schedules on-line within the following weeks. SparkJet management has also started working on a customized training center where crew members will be able to further expand their knowledge and is planning a website revamp to bring a breath of fresh air after certification.

So what are you waiting for, go out there and FLY for your UPGRADE!

Visit SparkJet Virtual online @:


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