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itAli Airlines Virtual Joins Aeolus Alliance!



Whether you’re going to Pisa for pizza, Fashion in Milan or just want that early morning coffee in Rome you can always call on ItAli Airlines Virtual to provide the best service all all over Italy and also Europe.

If you like flying older planes like the METRO III than this is the place to be. ItAli Airlines Virtual Provides a great fleet base which includes older and also newer planes like the Sukhoi Superjet 100
(Currently on delivery) (For more fleet information please visit the ItAli Airlines Virtual Page).

ItAli Airlines Virtual there are no boundaries to be successful. Work from second First officer to instructor and enjoy the fun of flying over the Alps in a DC-9.

ItAli Airlines Virtual also has a couple of subsidiaries as well with them and they operate flights in Spain as well and if that’s not enough then why not try out some of the tours they offer.

We are glad that ItAli Airlines Virtual have chosen to be Continue reading


Ottoman Virtual joins Aeolus Alliance

It is with great pleasure that the management of Aeolus Alliance can today announce its new partner airline Ottoman Virtual. It is great news for both parties allowing Ottoman to share the benefits of being part of a tightly nit community where all the airlines help each other out. The CEO Taner Ertekin said “We are glad that we can be partner of this great alliance, as others just aren’t suited for us. The partnership shall bring great new opportunities for both parties”. What we can say for sure is that we will look forward to working with ottoman and all the benefits of knowledge they can bring to the alliance. Ottoman and Aeolus will look forward to the partnership and a smooth probation period.

Check Aeolus online @


Truewings Virtual Airlines Joins Aeolus Alliance

On August 10th we welcomed Truewings VA to the Aeolus Alliance.

With the joining of Truewings VA we have our first passenger airline with operations based in South America. This addition opens up a new and atractive area to the alliance network.

With this expansion we make our position stronger in the global market and look forward to continued growth in other continents during the month ahead.


Beta Cargo Virtual Joins Aeolus Alliance

Today we welcome betacargo virtual to the Alliance.

With the joining of Beta Cargo we now have a second cargo handler in our Alliance and this will open opportunities for both cargo Airlines.

TNTv is  working on codeshares with Beta Cargo to create a bridge between the european continent and South America.

Welcome to Aeolus Alliance Beta cargo Virtual from the whole staff.

Best regards,
Joeri luckermans
Director Aeolus Alliance


Sparkjet Virtual Joins the Aeolus Alliance

Aeolus welcomes Sparkjet Virtual to the Alliance.

With this we now expand our route network over to the United States of America with new opportunities for all alliance members.

With the fourth member joining we are now preparing for our first event in the European Airspace

Welcome to Aeolus Alliance Sparkjet Virtual from the whole staff.


Introducing AEOLUS Alliance

Introducing AEOLUS Alliance created by Joeri Luckermans (CEO of TNT Virtual) and Manuel Seiwald (CEO of Hellenic Airways).

So what is AEOLUS Alliance? Well AEOLUS Alliance was established in 2013 by Hellenic Airways and TNT Virtual to offer a nice environment where virtual airline staff can come together and support each other within a nice and friendly community. Our main focus lies on VATSIM/IVAO events, codesharing agreements and support. We at the alliance like to have an environment where we aim to get together for a friendly virtual drink at our virtual pub and share our experiences with other airlines in our alliance to make the ultimate alliance group ever.

What do we offer that others don’t? We can offer airline’s that join us support and help in making there companies better and well known in the virtual skies. We believe that virtual airlines become better with support from others (Eg TNT and Hellenic airways set up). We also make sure that any progress to help your airline is to the up most standard and unlike other alliances we aim to get the changes done swiftly and at a high rate. TNT and Hellenic airways have always tried to mimic real life operations and also maintain high levels of realism and operating standards. We also want to help other airlines get more pilots flying online and representing not just your company but our alliance.

Why sign up? Simple, you wouldn’t want to miss out on a huge opportunity to expand and get more pilots for your airline. Some pilots don’t fly with virtual airlines because they want to fly in Continue reading


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