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Introducing AEOLUS Alliance

Introducing AEOLUS Alliance created by Joeri Luckermans (CEO of TNT Virtual) and Manuel Seiwald (CEO of Hellenic Airways).

So what is AEOLUS Alliance? Well AEOLUS Alliance was established in 2013 by Hellenic Airways and TNT Virtual to offer a nice environment where virtual airline staff can come together and support each other within a nice and friendly community. Our main focus lies on VATSIM/IVAO events, codesharing agreements and support. We at the alliance like to have an environment where we aim to get together for a friendly virtual drink at our virtual pub and share our experiences with other airlines in our alliance to make the ultimate alliance group ever.

What do we offer that others don’t? We can offer airline’s that join us support and help in making there companies better and well known in the virtual skies. We believe that virtual airlines become better with support from others (Eg TNT and Hellenic airways set up). We also make sure that any progress to help your airline is to the up most standard and unlike other alliances we aim to get the changes done swiftly and at a high rate. TNT and Hellenic airways have always tried to mimic real life operations and also maintain high levels of realism and operating standards. We also want to help other airlines get more pilots flying online and representing not just your company but our alliance.

Why sign up? Simple, you wouldn’t want to miss out on a huge opportunity to expand and get more pilots for your airline. Some pilots don’t fly with virtual airlines because they want to fly in Continue reading


TNT Virtual Airways Launches New Website

TNT Virtual Airways would like to announce the start of their revised website. CEO, Joeri Luckermans would like to invite all to come and join our pilots in flight. We offer a relaxed atmosphere for all pilots of every country. We have a friendly atmosphere that most Virtual Airline don’t offer. We have made our web site user friendly. So come and see what we are all about. If you have been looking for a home base to fly from, look no further. So come and strap into one of our planes or bring your own and lets enjoy the skies together.

Visit TNT Virtual Airways online at:


TNT Virtual Airways is Looking For Help From Pilots

TNT Virtual Airways has announced that they’re looking for help from people within their pilot-base.  Firstly their looking for volunteers who are proficient in graphic design.  Someone who could possibly assist them with creating awards images in the following formats; jpg,png,bmp, etc.  They need the help to add other awards and ‘specials’ to their website. Please contact Joeri for further info about this opportunity!

Also, they would like to ‘delegate’ some jobs  to do for TNT-Virtual.
They have announced the following vacancies as ‘Staff-Member’ : Continue reading


TNT Virtual Announces New Events and HR Department Managers

Liege, Belgium- We at TNT Virtual Airways are happy to announce the following :

-  Mr. Hendrik-Jan Van Leeuwen agreed to fulfill the task as ‘Events Manager’.  From now on, he will organize and take care about the events that take place at/by TNT Virtual Airways

-  Mr. Maurice Geraads will take care of the ‘Human Resources Department’.  Registration, administration, etc. will be handled by him.

-  A job as ‘Asian Region Manager’ is to become vacant.  This manager has the task to introduce our VA to the Asian community Continue reading


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