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Introducing JMC Virtual

JMCVirtualjmc Virtual (an airline that has been around since 2002) is happy to announce the release of their brand new website,  staff,  airline liveries, and flights tracked and flown day to day.

If you fancy a challenge join them at


Caal Airways Launches New Website to Commemorate 5 Years in Service

Caal Airways will be 5 years old this year and to celebrate we have launched a new website. Activity has increased and we have become a very popular VA. We are very relaxed in our rules as we understand real life commitments must come first. All we ask is that you file a flight report every 90 days.

Our hubs are EGAA,EIDW,EGPF,EGGW and KIAH and we have a dedicated staff team to ensure the smooth running of operations.

We are currently 14th on the VA Central list and are steadily climbing higher. We also hope to launch a new livery this year and also hold events on the VATSIM network running up to out 5th birthday in August.

Caal Airways has a bright future ahead and would love to recruit more pilots to experience the fun and relaxing atmosphere of our wonderful VA.

Visit Caal Airways online @


JAL VIRTUAL Launches New Website


JAL VIRTUAL is pleased to announced after 6 months of development, we have completed our new website designed by us, designed for you the pilot. This will be the most radical development in the history of JAL VIRTUAL!

Our website uses the latest website technologies with elegant design and style with a unified theme to it. We are bringing the best to you for many years to come. We hope you appreciate the time, effort and investment we have brought to you in JALV2014.

A beta period of one month will begin right after the launch of the new site to kink out the bugs that will last until August 10th, 2014.

We hope this new website serves us for many years to come. In addition to our website we have many news things included in our changes most notably a dedicated training academy, rewards and schedules overhaul.

Our integrated training academy on launch will feature aircraft certifications for B747, B737, B767 and A320 aircrafts and in the future we hope to bring Q400, B777 and various airbus aircrafts into the fold, we plan on gaining VATSIM ATO status asap and there will be other areas of Continue reading


SmartJet Opens New Website!

SmartJet Virtual is pleased to announce that we have taken off into 2014 with some great new upgrades to our airline! After having our old phpVMS site hacked, and having to shut down for some time, we are now officially back in action, and we are better than ever, serving 50+ destinations across Canada and the United States, and operating a fleet of 53 Boeing 737-700 aircraft with 13 Boeing 737-800′s on order along with 2 Boeing 787-8′s to serve farther destinations such as travel destinations in the Caribbean and select destinations in Europe. As we had to start our airline out fresh after the hacking, we are very low on pilots and are always looking for new pilots!

You can check us out at


SkyWest Virtual Announces New Website

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – SkyWest Virtual has a new and improved web site! Please visit us at! Our new web site is cleaner and resembles the real SkyWest web site. Thanks to all who helped us with this major update (Ariel Gaxiola and Andrew Conley).

Questions? Comments? E-mail me at andrew.conley[at]

SkyWest Virtual is still looking for pilots and staff! Please apply to be a staff member by going here.

Apply to be a pilot here.

Thank You,
Andrew Conley
SkyWest Virtual Airlines


Malaysia Virtual Airlines Launches New Website

Malaysia Virtual Airlines would like to announce the launch of its brand new web site. It has taken 3 weeks to complete. It also comes not long after the promo video was launched. . We at MVA believe that with this new look we will only get better and better. We are also starting weekly group flights. These will take place every Saturday at 13:00GMT. 20:00 in Malaysia.  To view the new site please visit This is all due to it being nearly 3 years since the start of MVA. We will also be reaching 10,000 flights this month, which is a huge milestone in the history of MVA. In August we will be celebrating 3 years of operations. It has been a great experience and am looking forward to continuing operations and other milestones in the years to come. We would also like to announce our partnership with Virtual One World, a place where VA’s can get together form partnerships, hold joint events/group flights, and further the links between our VA’s. We also would like to announce the partnership with Virtual Oasis Asia Airlines, this great VA based in Hong Kong is a superbly run VA, and we look forward to further cooperation in the future and joint events.

Daniel Counahan
CEO of Malaysia Virtual Airlines
Continue reading


Ohio Express Airlines Announces New site and Codeshare

Columbus, OH— On November 16, 2012, we launched our new site at In addition Ohio express has brought back their Express miles program. Express Miles give pilots the ability to earn “cash miles” when they fly. Depending on what they accomplish during the flight and how they fly their leg and etc. pilots will earn cash and they will be able to redeem in their pilot center. Pilots will be able to purchase houses, cars, and all kinds of different items to add to their homes and recreational needs.

More exciting news also released, Ohio Express  agreed to a codeshare agreement with Pan-Am Virtual which will allows OEX pilots to fly all over the U.S operating on their carrier while Pan-Am  pilots fly on Ohio express legs. This allows our regional pilots a chance to step out and fly bigger planes if they want, and vice versa, it allows Pan-am to step into a smaller plane; in the meanwhile building a great camaraderie of pilots and a close nit airline as a whole.


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